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Tokyo city cat

No confines of a comfy home for this cat. Instead, it?s the freedom of Tokyo?s dark alleys and dirty underbelly. An environment that, perhaps not surp ...
29-02-2016 21:54

By: King Chiew Kwang

Hi Lin Ying, thank you for your reply. May I know average how much we need to budget for your last Okinawa self drive trip. I have family of five, two ...
28-02-2016 21:48

Five Best Books on the Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art by Shizuo TsujiMy rating: 5 of 5 starsShizuo Tsuji (1933-93) was the founder of the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka, ...
28-02-2016 21:51

Asakusa & Sumida River Walk

Today we take a walk around the Asakusa and the Sumida River area. Asakusa is located in East Tokyo and is home to Sensoji Temple - founded in 645 CE ...
28-02-2016 21:51
26-02-2016 21:50

Specialty Coffee in Japan

While travelers to Japan typically dream of green tea and sake, coffee lovers from around the world are also starting to take note of Japan’s boomin ...
26-02-2016 21:48

Shinto Shrines: A Guide to the Sacred Sites of Japan's Ancie

Shinto Shrines: A Guide to the Sacred Sites of Japan\'s Ancient Religion by Joseph CaliMy rating: 5 of 5 starsAn excellent guide to the most interesti ...
25-02-2016 21:55

Tokyo now and then"

Even in these days of limited attention spans and built in obsolescence, the speed at which Tokyo transforms itself can still be dizzying. Buildings o ...
24-02-2016 22:11

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 9 (O

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 9hana no iro wautsurinikeri naitazura niwaga mi yo ni furunagame seshi ma ni??????????????????????????????As the color of the che ...
24-02-2016 22:11

By: ebo

Also is it ok to squeeze young kids and 2 adults to a room. Notice that some Japanese hotel do not allow more than 2 pax max per room, ...
24-02-2016 22:08

Tokyo plum blossom transvestite

It would seem that mild weather and fully blooming plum blossoms provide the perfect opportunity for a skirt, colour coordination and a carefully craf ...
22-02-2016 21:51

By: Evon

Hi there! I will be traveling to tokyo with my 19mo twins next week. There’s 6 adults and 2 toddlers and we’ve more or less finalized our itinera ...
21-02-2016 21:49

A Week in Tokyo 20160220

Another better-late-than-never A Week in Tokyo - these photos taken a few months ago though and I\'ve only just managed to sit down to write the text ...
20-02-2016 21:47

Daishichi Sake (2) - Yukishibori Honjozo Nigorizake

Besides the Yukishibori Honjozo Namagenshu, Daishichi has one more seasonal sake for the winter season: Yukishibori Honjozo Nigorizake. Yukishibori H ...
19-02-2016 21:48

Dodging the shadows in Tokyo

Regardless of how much we try and ignore it, staying ahead of the shadows is sadly all too temporary. ...
19-02-2016 21:48

By: eco

Hi BumbleBee Mum. If to do the tour within Sapporo area will it be best to take subway or drive" ...
17-02-2016 21:49

A quiet Tokyo sake or two

Tokyo can be a horribly noisy city. Unbearably busy at times too. But mercifully, even amidst all the hustle and bustle, it’s still possible to ...
17-02-2016 21:51

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 8 (P

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 8waga iho wamiyako no tatsumishika zo sumuyo wo Ujiyama tohito wa iunari??????????????????????????Although I live contentedly in ...
16-02-2016 21:51

By: Sammy

Hi BUMBLEBEEMUM, Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it! We have worked out a revised itinerary, kindly check it out! Day 1: Remain as per, Sappo ...
16-02-2016 21:50

Japanese couple?s company and companionship

The couple below must have been married for more than a few decades, which without a doubt is an achievement in itself. But to have also spent that ti ...
15-02-2016 21:50

What Japanese Girls Want

Mei’s the girlfriend you’d love to have but can’t, because my buddy Yuki got her first. She’s got big eyes, enormous boobs, long brown hair cu ...
14-02-2016 21:49

By: trish

Hi bublebeemum, Such an amazing blog and what great adventures you have been with your family! I’m planning for a trip to Hokkaido for 6 days (5nigh ...
13-02-2016 21:46

By: joannagoy

hi there! i’m so glad i chance upon your site. I’m travelling to japan from 22 apr to 2 may with 3 kids ( 6 months, 1 year and 4 year). i’m int ...
13-02-2016 21:46

By: Michelle Liang

Dear bumblebee mum Can u recommend a car rental company in Tokyo" I plan to drive from Tokyo Disneyland resort area to FujiQ highland, then return to ...
13-02-2016 21:46

Daishichi Sake (1): Yukishibori Honjozo Namagenshu

Seasonal sakes are popular in Japan and one of the seasonal drinks from the Daishichi Sake Brewery for the first months of the year is Yukishibori Hon ...
13-02-2016 21:48

Japanese fast food

This place certainly isn’t trying to add to Japan’s impressive number of Michelin stars. Neither is it trying to be something it’s n ...
12-02-2016 21:50

By: Deepak Deshpande

Hi bumblebeemum My family is planning for a one week trip to japan. This will be the first time travel to Japan. We would like to seek your advice on ...
10-02-2016 21:48
10-02-2016 21:49

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 7 (A

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 7ama no harafurisakemirebaKasuga naruMikasa no yama niideshi tsuki ka mo?????????????????????????When I gaze into the distanceacr ...
08-02-2016 21:52

Tsukiji fish market, birds and exuberance

Tsukiji fish market is a fascinating area to walk around, but considering the environment and incredibly early hours, it must be a particularly tough ...
08-02-2016 21:52

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

??????????? ? ?? ????? Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate! Its that time of year again for the Chinese, Koreans and anybody else who ...
05-02-2016 21:49
05-02-2016 21:49

By: Peisan

Hi bumblebeemum…I’m so impressed with your Japan posting…so detailed. I will be heading to Narita airport on 13/Feb, I would like to plan a visi ...
04-02-2016 21:47

A Japanese couple?s curious expressions

A rare wry look, or one of long-standing resignation" ...
03-02-2016 21:49

5 Year Blog Anniversary & Kitchen Favorites Giveaway (C

To celebrate my 5 years of blogging with my readers, I picked 5 things that I absolutely love in my kitchen and give them to 5 readers (1 item per per ...
02-02-2016 21:47

Travel Photo: The HEP Five Ferris Wheel in Osaka

Just outside and to the east of Osaka Station, high above the high-rises, stands this bright red Ferris wheel on top of a shopping mall. At its highe ...
01-02-2016 21:46

A few favourite photographs from 2015

With 2015 rapidly drawing to a close, it’s once again time to choose my favourite photographs of the year. Sadly, due to my wife being diagnosed ...
01-02-2016 02:58

The Japanese Seasons: February

The ancient name for February (Nigatsu) is Kisaragi, meaning "to wear more clothes due to the cold." As it also is the month of plum blossoms which ar ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Explore Japanese Handicrafts in Kyoto

Get your hands dirty!  Well, maybe not dirty but get some paint on them and learn about Japanese traditional crafts by making some yourself in the hi ...
01-02-2016 21:47

The Best Airport Restroom Ever – Tokyo Haneda

If there is one thing I hate ? and believe me, there is way more than one ? it’s the airport restroom. Especially when traveling alone and you have ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Japanese Coming of Age Day generations

One is coming of age, but both of them are very much creatures of the age. ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Tweet Your Way to a Stay at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Located in the tallest building in the city, The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo offers guests an understated and luxurious environment high above the hustle and ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Sumo and beers in a Tokyo bar

Sumo is nowhere near as popular as it once was. It presumably never will be either. But when there’s the very real possibility of a Japanese wre ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Sake by Region Updates: Ibaraki and Tokyo

Two posts in the Sake by Region series which is under revision, have been updated and expanded and are available at: Ibaraki and Tokyo. ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Eiji Seiun Smart Doll Orders Open

This is for folks who are not into social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) who may not know that the first ever soft vinyl anime-type fashion ...
01-02-2016 02:46

The Big Ofuna Kannon Statue

If you’ve ever taken a train from Tokyo to Kamakura you might have passed by a large white Kannon statue, wondering what exactly it might be. At lea ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Cafe de Miki – Cute Hello Kitty Cafe in Himeji

Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans out there, this is definitely interesting for you, so keep reading! I’m sure that some of you have heard of Himeji in Hy ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Modern Japanese Fiction by Year (1): 1885-1899, Beginnings

In 1868, at the beginning of the Meiji period, a complete transformation of Japanese society started, but that was not immediately true for literatur ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Hybrid Smartwatch

Can\'t decide whether you want to get rid of your current watch for a smartwatch" Don\'t want to take the plunge to get a smartwatch because you don\' ...
01-02-2016 02:46

The Japanese Seasons: January

January (Ichigatsu) is the month that the new year starts in the solar or Gregorian calendar, although technically it is still winter. In fact, Daika ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 1) – Arrival in Tokyo

(This is the first of 11 posts on my awesome Japan trip. I’m gonna blog about it from the very beginning all the way to the end!) Our flight to Toky ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 3 (K

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 3ashibiki noyamadori no wo noshidari-wo nonaga-nagashi yo wohitori kamo nemu?????????????????????????????Must I sleep alonethroug ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 6) – Tokyo: Sanrio Puroland (Ho

(Note: There are 50 photographs in this post. Loading may take a while.) Caution to guys: Cute overload ahead! If you wish to skip the ensuing kawaii- ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Osaka Marathon and a Hotel Booking Tip

A couple months ago when I was booking my hotels for Osaka, I initially couldn’t find anything at all that was available. What on earth is going o ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Tokyo fox

Foxes aren?t unusual in big cities, but human-sized ones with a fondness for fancy coffee are a little more rare. ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 5 (S

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 5okuyama nimomiji fumiwakenaku shika nokoe kiku toki zoaki wa kanashiki???????????????????????When I hear the voiceof the crying ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 11) – Homebound

And this was the day we left Japan. I had successfully gone the entire night with no sleep at all! Early in the morning, we allocated ample time to ge ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Taketomi Island and the Mystery of Water Buffalo Bowel Evacu

I’m staring at the large rump of a water buffalo and questioning why I’d wanted the front seat in the big cart. I’m on the little island of Tak ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Tokyo samurai-like wandering street musician

People rushing about in suits or meandering round the shops are common sights in Tokyo. Men with samurai-like haircuts strolling the city?s streets an ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Tenugui, Furoshiki & Kimono Sleeves

Kimono sleeves, or tamoto, meaning “by the side of”, were the pockets in traditional Japan that allowed wearers to stash all manner of small item ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Delicious Noodles at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Do you love noodle soup" Do you enjoy eating ramen" Then you have to check out the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum! Visited: October 26th 2014 Access to ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Striking Japanese woman in blue fur

In a city of many millions, standing out from a shifting sea of faces and varied fashions can be difficult. Of course some people manage it due to con ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Ojipan Cafe in Harajuku: Food Too Cute To Eat

After visiting the adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku, Ali (Haikugirl) and me were hungry. It was a huge coincidence that we stumbled upon two themed cafe ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Japanese woman in a jam-packed Tokyo standing bar

After the stress of work and a jam-packed, standing room only train journey home, a couple of drinks in a cheap and cheerful, jam-packed, standing roo ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Sake by Region Update: Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa

Here are three more updates in the series of sake by region: Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa. ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Desk Diary 20160106

It\'s been awhile since the last Desk Diary (4 months!) and things have changed quite a bit again. I actually started to write this post on November ...
01-02-2016 02:46

Judge Dee novels

In 1949, the Dutch Sinologue and diplomat Robert van Gulik translated an 18th century, anonymous Chinese crime novel under the title Celebrated Cases ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Tokyo Snow

The first snow of the year for Tokyo wasn\'t too bad - most of it melted by the evening. Public transport was thrown into a chaos though. It\'s been ...
01-02-2016 02:46

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 2 (E

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 2haru sugitenatsu kinikerashishirotae nokoromo hosutefuama no kaguyama???????????????????????Spring has gone away, andsummer come ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 4) – Tokyo: Shibuya & Toky

It was only day 4 in Japan. And already, I was craving for pasta! At noon, we were in an area someplace near Shibuya when an unusual rocket-shaped gla ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Japan Travel Blog (Day 9) – Kyoto, Part 2

(Note: bumper crop of images – 5 megabytes’ worth! The largest yet! Please be patient with the loading.) Xanthe and I spent the entire day visitin ...
01-02-2016 21:47

By: Michelle

Hi bumble bee mum, thank you for your blog, i love reading it! I am going to Tokyo in March and am a bit overwhelmed with planning the itinerary. I w ...
01-02-2016 21:45

Old Tokyo shop mannequin: A portrait

Sadly even artificial, made to last visions of beauty aren?t free from the unflattering ravages of time. ...
01-02-2016 02:58

The Monkeys of Jigokudani

On of the best places to enjoy the sight of wild monkeys in Japan in this Year of the Monkey is Jigokudani Onsen in Nagano Prefecture.How to get here: ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Weird Foods: Tuna Eye in Japan

Looks and anticipation can be deceiving. The raw chicken I ate in Japan actually wasn’t half bad. But this was much harder to stomach just by the t ...
01-02-2016 21:46
01-02-2016 02:58

Where to see Noh in Japan

It’s art in the park, Japanese style…one of Japan’s oldest traditional performing arts will be enacted in the shadows of historic Osaka Castle i ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Heaven & Hell in Ishikawa

It’s cold year round, not hot, in the Hanibe Cave where the “Fushi Jigoku” (Satirical expression of Hell) sit alongside eerily lit statues on a ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Cool Japanese Design: Oasis 21 in Nagoya

On my first trip to Japan, the thing that impressed me most was the architecture. These weren’t just buildings with a nice touch; some of them were ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Tokyo eyes wide open

There?s almost always a reason to keep your eyes open in Tokyo. ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Silver Week in Japan

All that glitters is not gold, in this case it’s silver and the name of the newest grouping of holidays on the Japanese calendar.  Golden Week in Ja ...
01-02-2016 21:47

A History of Japanese Film by Year: Risk Avoidance (2010-201

Although the annual production of Japanese films scales new heights (408 in 2010, rising to 615 in 2014), unfortunately the quality of Japanese cinema ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Tokyo Illuminations

So what is the festive season like in Japan then" Well there are a load of illuminations all over the place which start to go up pretty much as soon a ...
01-02-2016 02:46

Adorable Owl Cafe in Harajuku

I recently got to spend some time in Tokyo again and wanted to visit animal and theme cafes that I haven’t been to yet. Cat cafes are great, but I w ...
01-02-2016 21:46
01-02-2016 02:58

Sake from Yamanashi Prefecture (Sake by region)

Although Yamanashi Prefecture has the image of being Japan\'s wine country, with its fresh water and cold winter climate, conditions for sake brewing ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Coming of Age Day Japan

Monday was a public holiday known as "Seijin no Hi" [????[??????]] or "Coming of age day" where those who have turned 20 are declared adults meaning t ...
01-02-2016 02:46

The Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each)

The Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each) is Japan\'s most popular and widely known poetry collection, containing one hundred poems in ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 2) ? Tokyo Disneyland

I have never been to Disneyland in my entire life! Now that I’m in Tokyo, I know that I just HAVE to go there! To me this is one of those must-visit ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Tokyo street kitchen

Restaurant food preparation being done out on the street isn’t all that unusual in Tokyo. In some cases it can be more than a little uncleanly t ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 4 (Y

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 4Tago no ura niuchi-idete mirebashirotae noFuji no takane niyuki wa furitsutsu????????????????????????????As I come outon the sea ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Japan Travel Blog (Day 7) – Tokyo: Marunouchi, Sony Bu

This was the last full day I had in Tokyo. The following morning I would be leaving for Kyoto! So, armed with Beni’s pro semi-SLR camera, we spent t ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Travel Photo: Fountain at Osaka Station

(October 2013) My 10-day Japan trip – the third trip this year – ended in Osaka. Missed an earthquake by a couple hundred miles, and a couple of ...
01-02-2016 21:46

Christmas tree mounted on a motorbike Merry Christmas

With the festive season and a few days off almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holidays. And wher ...
01-02-2016 02:58

Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each), Poem 6 (O

Hyakunin Isshu, Poem 6kasasagi nowataseru hashi nioku shimo noshiroki wo mirebayo zo fukenikeru???????????????????????????When I see the whitenessof t ...
01-02-2016 02:57

Double Your Money in Kamakura

Take a gamble on the strength of your faith the next time you visit Kamakura and you may leave richer in both spiritual and monetary terms. The Zeniar ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Eating Japan: Roll ’em, Roll ’em, Roll ’em

Eating ??? (Basashi) It seems every time I go to Japan, I try something else a little off the beaten culinary path. There was that raw chicken meal l ...
01-02-2016 21:46
01-02-2016 02:58

Ukiyo-e – Woodblock Prints

When one thinks of items representative of Japan the list inevitably includes kimono, sushi and bullet trains but one shouldn’t overlook the beauty ...
01-02-2016 21:47

Tokyo waterside restaurant

An eatery that?s sadly nowhere near as glamorous as the title may suggest. ...
01-02-2016 02:58

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News most viewed Today

Telecom Center Odaiba

Telecom Center Odaiba

????????Telecom Center, in Odaiba, Tokyo, is the headquarters of Tokyo Metropolitan Television (Tokyo MX). The glass and steel building was completed in 1995 and comprises 21 floors above ground with a further three basement floors. The two towers... -
A traditional Tokyo rice cracker shop

A traditional Tokyo rice cracker shop

Seeing rice crackers made using time-honoured techniques, in suitably traditional settings, is nice to say the least. Better still, however, is the aroma, as despite their simplicity, the resultant snacks smell absolutely sensational. -
Tokyo now and then"

Tokyo now and then"

Even in these days of limited attention spans and built in obsolescence, the speed at which Tokyo transforms itself can still be dizzying. Buildings often go up and down at a startling rate, plus the businesses in them seem to change hands... -
Porsche 911 GT3 Lego

Porsche 911 GT3 Lego

Porsche 911 GT3 Lego get. How many of you are avid Lego builders and what is your fave series" -
Ehrismann Mansion

Ehrismann Mansion

??????Ehrismann Mansion is located in the historic Bluff/Yamate district of Yokohama.Ehrismann Mansion was designed by the famous Czech-American architect Antonin Raymond (1888-1972), a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, as a residence for Swiss... -
Ginza prayers

Ginza prayers

All that glitters isn?t gold" -
A bearded, schoolgirl uniform wearing Japanese man

A bearded, schoolgirl uniform wearing Japanes...

Hideaki Kobayashi, or GrowHair as he is also known, has become a celebrity of sorts due to his love of wearing sailor suit schoolgirl uniforms. A man whose courage to hit the streets on his terms has to be applauded. Plaudits too for the city around... -
Starlight Catching Fresh Air

Starlight Catching Fresh Air

Out n about with Starlight #smartdoll catching a breath of fresh air. ??????????????? -
New Smartdoll Guy On The Block

New Smartdoll Guy On The Block

New #smartdoll guy on the block. Will reveal next Tuesday. ???????????????????????? -
Top 10 Japanese Flowers & Flowering Plants

Top 10 Japanese Flowers & Flowering Plants

Japan is home to a huge variety of flowering plants and one of the joys of visiting the country is to experience its varied flora.Certain flowers and flowering plants define the seasons and depending on what time of the year you visit Japan you will... -

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