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Science & Education: Two Museums in Kyoto

Science and education are the pillars of a modern country. This is demonstrated clearly by the development of Japan since the late 19th century. Two s ...
28-02-2017 21:49

Higashiyama Station

???Higashiyama is a station on the Tozai Line of the Kyoto subway one stop east of Sanjo Keihan Station (the interchange station with the Keihan Line) ...
28-02-2017 21:53

Guide to Spring in Tokyo

Nice spring cat nap at Shinjuku Gyoen Spring in Tokyo is arguably the best time of year to visit?and it?s all thanks to hanami. This is an incredible ...
28-02-2017 21:47

Train Accidents

63.3% of train accidents in #japan are caused by drunkards. Many of them kick the bucket & bring others with them too. ...
27-02-2017 21:46

School Bag

School Bag for #smartdoll in production now. ????????????????? ...
27-02-2017 21:46

Manhole Drainspotting ? ONLY in JAPAN

Manhole covers are trending high in Japan and for good reason -- they\'re stunning! Only in Japan are manholes to cover sewage designed so beautifully ...
27-02-2017 21:51

Welcoming Spring at Mito City’s Famous Plum Blossom Fe

Spring is in the air, and what better way to ring in the new season than by visiting the town of Mito in Tokyo?s neighboring Ibaraki prefecture. Why" ...
27-02-2017 21:44

Denim Mini Skirt

Denim Mini Skirt available now for #smartdoll ????????????????????? ...
27-02-2017 21:46

Datuk Jimmy Choo & Danny Choo

Datuk Jimmy Choo & Danny Choo. Seems like I was a plump little blighter. ...
27-02-2017 21:46

Volunteering at an Animal Shelter in Japan

Today we volunteered at ALMA Tokyo Tierhiem animal shelter in Tokyo. If you interested in volunteering at this animal shelter or helping them out with ...
27-02-2017 21:51

Lunchtime Breaking News

Lunchtime breaking news in Japan. Boy aged 14 caught driving without license. ...
27-02-2017 21:46

Tsukishima Monja Street: A Taste Triathlon

Most people are familiar with the old Kansai favorite okonomiyaki, but its Kanto cousin?monjayaki?is just as delicious, (albeit somewhat less photogen ...
27-02-2017 21:44

Sukumizu Navy

Sukumizu now available in Navy for #smartdoll ???????????????? ...
27-02-2017 21:46

After Miho-Chan

Which #smartdoll should follow Miho-chan" ...
27-02-2017 21:46

Japan News This Week 26 February 2017

?????Trump Wants More American Cars in Japan. Japan?s Drivers Don?t. ...
26-02-2017 21:52


TRYING CHINESE SNAKS! Taste Test in China I tried Chinese snacks(") with Christine Kaaloa from GRRRLTRAVELER. Welcome t ...
26-02-2017 21:53

Tokyo Marathon 2017 at Asakusabashi

???????????This year, 2017, was a special one for the Tokyo Marathon in that it is the 10th year since the event began, in 2010.This year\'s Tokyo Mar ...
26-02-2017 21:52

Celebrating the Girls and Boys of Japan

Each year on March 3rd girls become the center of attention in every Japanese household during a festival called Hinamatsuri?while boys have to wait a ...
25-02-2017 21:41

Thai Kitchen Pakuchi

Thai Kitchen Pakuchi is an authentic Thai eatery on the corner of Kawaramachi Marutamachi in downtown Kyoto. Friendly, informal and lots of fun Pakuch ...
25-02-2017 21:46

Premium Friday Launches Today

??????????Premium Friday starts all over Japan today. Premium Friday is a government-sponsored campaign that is the latest move in an ongoing effort ...
24-02-2017 21:49

5 Stylish Yet Cheap Hostels in Osaka

If you\'re not one for fancy hotels and don\'t mind sharing facilities, a hostel or guesthouse might be right up your alley. Today we\'ll introduce 5 ...
24-02-2017 21:48

2017 Japan Cherry Blossom Season Forecast

Infographic by Chavarom Chongulia The Japan archipelago runs on a roughly southwest to northeast axis, therefore the spring warmth?and the cherry blos ...
23-02-2017 21:44

Jean Mini Skirt

???????????????????????? Jean Mini Skirt for #smartdoll on sale first at ...
23-02-2017 21:46

Smartdoll Kurenai

#smartdoll Kurenai in production now. ??????????????? ...
23-02-2017 21:46

Ninja Uniform

????????????????????????? Ninja Uniform for #smartdoll available at ...
23-02-2017 21:46


???????????????????????????????? Smart Doll Sukumizu Navy out now in ...
23-02-2017 21:46

Luggage Forwarding in Japan: The Magic of Takuhaibin

One of the most fun parts of traveling in Japan is undoubtedly the country?s amazing train network. The shinkansen (bullet train) is arguably the worl ...
23-02-2017 21:44

This Song Means WHAT in Japan""!!!

What does this song mean in YOUR country" Plus, edamame, izakayas, and oyaji bars! New format. New flow. Let us know what you think in the comment sec ...
23-02-2017 21:51

Your Guide to Tour Guides in Tokyo

Tour guides can help you navigate the crowds. Wondering whether to hire a tour guide in Tokyo" So are thousands of other travelers to the capital. If ...
22-02-2017 21:45

Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul Exhibition

????Get tickets for Yayoi Kusama\'s art exhibition in Tokyo© JapanVisitor.comGoods From Japan delivered to your home or business ...
22-02-2017 21:53

10 Fun Free Things to Do in Shibuya

Bird’s eye view of Shibuya. It may seem like this suburb only loves you for your money, with shiny shops and enticing restaurants beckoning from eve ...
22-02-2017 21:45

Asakusa’s Confectionery Delights – Satiating You

Asakusa, one of the most popular tourist areas in Tokyo, boasts many kinds of small shops and stands that offer small snacks and sweets throughout the ...
22-02-2017 21:45

Countryside Lodges in Japan: Holidays Subsidized by your War

If the hustle and bustle of the big city has you hankering for a change of pace and some country tonic, pack up some friends and head out to the inaka ...
22-02-2017 21:45

Kyoto Prefectural Library

???????Kyoto Prefectural Library is located in the Okazaki museum district of Kyoto opposite the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and on the same (west) ...
22-02-2017 21:53

Cheapo Weekend for Feb 25-26: Tokyo Marathon and Festival Fu

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. |credit| All Cat Love (Feb 22-26): Love all things cats" Then this festival is for you ...
22-02-2017 21:45

Kyoto Festival: T?ka Ebisu at Ebisu Shrine

The first major festival in the new year, T?ka Ebisu is held at Kyoto Ebisu Shrine over a five-day period from January 8th to the 12th. The enshrined ...
21-02-2017 21:48

By: KHLee

Hi Bumblebeemum, I would appreciate some advice. I am visiting Hokkaido with my family of 4 adults this year on 2 April-8 April and traveling to Toyko ...
21-02-2017 21:41

Bird Hostel Kyoto

The Palace Side Hotel all excellent places to the north on Karasuma Dori.Bird Hostel is close to the Kyoto YWCA, Kyoto Imperial Palace (Gosho), Daima ...
21-02-2017 21:47

By: Eileen

Hi Bumblebeemum, Great to see your post on Japan trip ! I will be travelling to Hokkaido with my parents on 9oct-19th oct. We wil be flying through T ...
20-02-2017 21:41

At Sunrise With Mirai-chan

Wheeling n dealing at Sunrise with Mirai-chan. ????????????????????#smartdoll ...
20-02-2017 21:43


At Kami-igusa - the home of Sunrise. ???????????????????????#smartdoll ...
20-02-2017 21:43

By: ivy

Hi Bumblebee mom, Can I get your advice for my tour to Hokkaido" We are a family of 6 adults. 14th June – Arrived CTS – Sapporo 15th June – Sap ...
20-02-2017 21:41

Lelouch Smart Doll

???????????????????????????4?5????? Lelouch Smart Doll on display April 5th. ...
20-02-2017 21:43

By: Stan

Hi Bumblebeemum I will be visiting Hokkaido from May 13 – 20 (4 adults). Appreciate if you can help provide comments on my draft itin. May 13 8pm ar ...
20-02-2017 21:41

Sunrise Reception

On display in the Sunrise reception is Suzaku and Lelouch. ???????????????????? ...
20-02-2017 21:43

Wa Experience Kafu

Located in a converted machiya traditional town house just south of the Okazaki museum district in central Kyoto, Wa Experience Kafu offers a variety ...
20-02-2017 21:47

Boring Whiteboards

I didn\'t want boring whiteboards so I put Mirai on them and made them portable. ????????????????? ...
20-02-2017 21:43

A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Quaint Cafes in Kiyosumi

Due to a recent proliferation of coffee roasters and hip coffee joints, the eastern Tokyo neighborhood of Kiyosumi has developed a reputation as a hav ...
19-02-2017 21:46

Budget Weddings in Tokyo: Getting Hitched on the Cheap

Meiji Jingu hosts around 15 weddings a day. Thinking about getting married in Tokyo but freaking out about the costs" You’ve no doubt seen the price ...
19-02-2017 21:46

Japan News This Week 19 February 2017

?????Japan Limited Immigration; Now It?s Short of Workers ...
19-02-2017 21:52

10 Fun Free Things to Do in Harajuku

Takeshita Dori pic by beibaoke / When I first moved to Tokyo, I was living on 1,000 yen a day while renting half a room in the cheape ...
19-02-2017 21:46

Never Give Up

I started my career as a waiter and came to Japan with two suitcases. Giving up is never an option. #smartdoll ...
18-02-2017 21:42

2017 Corporate Video

Working on the 2017 #smartdoll corporate video. ?????????????????????? ...
18-02-2017 21:42

Marutamachi Station Kyoto Subway

????Marutamachi is a station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto subway one stop north of Karasuma Oike (the interchange station with the Tozai Line) an ...
18-02-2017 21:46

Bob Hairstyle

I\'m really liking the new Bob hairstyle for our #smartdoll girls. Available now. ?????????????? ...
18-02-2017 21:42

Morning Commute

Morning #tokyo commute. ...
17-02-2017 21:43

Cheapo Weekend for Feb 18-19: Flower Viewing, Double Bills a

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. |credit| Plum Blossoms: A sunny weekend in February is reason enough to go outside?and ...
17-02-2017 21:41

Doodle Of Mirai-Chan

Nearly forgot to share this doodle of Mirai-Chan by Shirahane Nao-sensei. ...
17-02-2017 21:43

Bandai Visual

Wheeling n Dealing at Bandai Visual with Mirai-chan. ?????????????????????MTG???????? ...
17-02-2017 21:43

Smartdoll Apparel

Ramping up #smartdoll apparel production. Made in #japan ?????????????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

The Kamakura Mega Guide

Whether you want a day of hiking from shrine to temple through beautiful mountains and valleys, a day at the beach or a stroll around a bustling town ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Higashiyama Yu Onsen Kyoto

?????Higashiyama Yu Onsen on the north west corner of Hyakumanben in Kyoto is an old school sento (public bath house) dating back years.Posters of Mar ...
16-02-2017 21:49

Tokyo for Ghibli Lovers

Many people’s introduction to Japan comes through the beautiful, evocative imagery of Studio Ghibli. These animated films are beloved all over the w ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Top 5 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Odaiba

|credit| Odaiba?an artificial island situated in Tokyo Bay?is a must-see area for visitors to Tokyo. It was in the 90s that most of this area of town ...
16-02-2017 21:42

2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan: Akihabara’s Arty Otaku Antidote

If you’re in Akihabara and barely pubescent girl groups or maid cafes aren’t your thing, then take a walk along the Yamanote Line tracks towards O ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Art In Unexpected Places: Mariya Suzuki, “Urban Types&

“I like to draw the mundane moments that otherwise flit away and are forgotten.” Special Event: Mug Cup Portrait Pop-Up Date: Sat Feb 11th 13:00-1 ...
16-02-2017 21:42

New Cocoa Smartdoll Guy

New Cocoa #smartdoll guy on the block. ???????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Ikegami Plum Garden: A Sweet Spring Space

Plum blossom season is here, so what better time to share one of our favorite spots to see some pink-petaled beauties. And that spot is Ikegami Plum G ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Twilight Milk

Twilight Milk on sale 2017/02/20 Mon 9AM JST. ???????????????9AM????????????11AM? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

February 2017: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

In the blink of an eye, we’re more than halfway through the first month of the year. We hope that 2017 has been good to you cheapos so far. If you m ...
16-02-2017 21:42

How to Buy a Kimono in Tokyo Without Breaking the Bank

Kimono girls image via Shutterstock. Some outfits never go out of fashion. Kimonos are a prime example?they’ve been making people look elegant for c ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Kiyosumi Garden: An Island of Tranquility in East Tokyo

Kiyosumi Garden is a wonderful, serene remnant of the stately gardens that were once abundant throughout Tokyo. |credit| While you could wistfully won ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheapo Weekend for Feb 4-5: Lucky Spring Festivals

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. |credit| Setsubun Bean Throwing Festival (Feb 3): Every year, Setsubun?a lively bean t ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Chocolate Ramen: A Recipe for Romance or Regret"

It’s Valentine?s Day soon, and as you will have noticed, there is chocolate EVERYWHERE. It?s in cute heart-shaped boxes, it’s in baskets with pupp ...
16-02-2017 21:42

March 2017: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

Spring is coming soon, so what better way to welcome the season than to go out and have some fun" If you’re not sure what to do, no worries?let our ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Actress & Entrepreneur Grace Wong

Actress & Entrepreneur Grace Wong with Chitose Smart Doll opening another Dearest Grace store in Malaysia. ????????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Shoes Off Please

Shoes off on our 2nd floor too please. ??2F??????????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Tokyo Cheapo’s Guide to Shimokitazawa Nightlife

Shimokitazawa ? a vintage, bohemian neighborhood only a few stops from central Tokyo ? has plenty of cool bars, hangouts and nightlife options. Have a ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheapo Weekend for Jan 21-22: Winter Markets and New Year Lu

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. |credit| Earth Garden Winter Festival (Jan 21-22): This is a two-day outdoor market at ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Tokyo Ramen Street – A One-Stop Noodle Shop

Whether you’re staying nearby, just arrived in Tokyo or are heading out of town, there’s nothing like a steaming bowl of ramen to perk you up. And ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Be My Cheapo Valentine: Navigating Chocolate Choices in Japa

My fiance is a huge Star Wars fan, so along with traditional hearts chocolate, I made him some Star Wars R2-D2 chocolate this year In Japan, Valentine ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheap Domestic Flights from Tokyo

Some places in Japan are just too far for us cheapos to take a loooong bus ride to, and then you have the places that you can’t even reach by bus fr ...
16-02-2017 21:42

DIY Hybrid Watch

New DIY hybrid watch. CASIO PRG-600YB-3JF & 38mm Apple Watch. ???????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Cute, Cool and Colorful: Stationery Shops in Tokyo

Japan is great for many things, food, culture and believe it or not stationery. This doesn?t come as a big surprise though, with the Land of the Risin ...
16-02-2017 21:42

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Tsukiji Fish M

|credit| The Tsukiji Fish Market appears in literally every guide book about Tokyo and on most people’s tour itineraries?plus it boasts free entranc ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Tokyo Food Delivery Services

So you don’t have much time or energy to cook. No problem?you can always pick something up from the many convenience stores (or even the grocery) ne ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Plum Blossoms in Tokyo

It’s true, cherry blossoms do tend to overshadow Japan’s other stunning flowers. However,  plum blossoms in Tokyo?which typically bloom in late Fe ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheapo Weekend for Feb 11-12: Lanterns, Kites and Plum Bloss

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Perfect Liars Club (Feb 9): A smash-hit comedy story interrogation show hailing all th ...
16-02-2017 21:42


#smartdoll - made in and ships from #japan within 2-5 biz days. ??????????????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Tokyo Hiking Day Trip: A 3-Mountain Mission With Stellar Vie

Tokyo hiking day trip overview ? Mount Nokogiri,  Mount Otake and Mount Mitake This is quite possibly my favorite easy(ish) Tokyo hiking day trip. Itâ ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Tripod Stand For Smartdoll

Tripod stand for #smartdoll out tomorrow. Great for uneven surfaces too. ????3?????????????????? ...
16-02-2017 21:44

Recycle Shops and Secondhand Shopping in Tokyo

With a new year comes a new you. And what better way to start off the year than to be more green, more ethical?and more price-conscious. A good place ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Make Your Own Good Fortune at Cafe Nekoemon

Of the numerous cute Japanese souvenirs for cat enthusiasts, there would be nothing more memorable than a self-made maneki-neko, or lucky cat. Café Ne ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheapo Weekend for Jan 28-29: Chinese New Year

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Chinatown Lion Dance (Jan 28): Yokohama kicks off Chinese New Year celebrations this S ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Getting the Cheapest Flights Between Auckland and Tokyo

With 10 direct flights a week and about a dozen transfer options available, Tokyo is one of the most popular long-haul destinations from Auckland. As ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Tokyo to Hiroshima: Five Ways to Get There

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hiroshima, capital of the Hiroshima prefecture (pretty obvious), and its surroundings have a lot to offer: the Shukkeien gard ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Cheapo Valentine’s Day Ideas

Cupid Statue in Ginza, Tokyo. If you?re not satisfied with the rather restrictive Japanese ?tradition??more like a marketing ploy as far as cynics are ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Sakura R Us: Cherry Blossom-Themed Items in Japan

The weather’s getting warmer, and the plum trees have started blooming, which can only mean that spring is just around the corner. That also means t ...
16-02-2017 21:42

Are You Ronery"

Are you ronery this Valentine\'s Day" Which lovely lass or lad do you wish you was sharing it with" ...
15-02-2017 21:46

Chocolate Or Other Goodies"

You get any chocolate or other goodies this Valentine\'s Day" ...
15-02-2017 21:46

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Japanese Anime in Sao Paulo

Japanese Anime in Sao Paulo

?????????Rua Galvăo Bueno, Liberdade, Sao Paulo, Brazil.Brazil has the world\'s biggest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan. Most of the immigration to Brazil to Japan happened in the 1930s, during the Great Depression before the Second... -
Daiko Onsen Nagoya

Daiko Onsen Nagoya

????Daiko Onsen is a rare community sento in Nagoya, located in the working class neighborhood of Daiko, near Nagoya Dome, on the north side of Nagoya Dome-mae Yada Station on the Meijo Line of the city subway.Small family-run sento have largely... -
Finding Affordable Hotels near Tokyo Disneyland

Finding Affordable Hotels near Tokyo Disneyla...

While the park itself can be pricey, there are plenty of cheap(ish) hotels and other types of accommodation near Tokyo Disneyland, with budget beds on which to lay your head. Here are a handful of options within reasonable reach of the magical... -
By: Evon

By: Evon

Hi there! I will be traveling to tokyo with my 19mo twins next week. There’s 6 adults and 2 toddlers and we’ve more or less finalized our itinerary. I would just like to ask your advice a little because i am in awe with how well you know... -

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