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December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

Japan Travel News
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December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

2021—a year that has been both very long and all too short, is coming to a close. Before the year ends, though, here are some festivities to help you end the year with some good vibes.
And these aren’t the only events worth checking out, as winter illuminations and Christmas markets are very much a thing in Tokyo in December. Look out as well for New Year countdown events in our NYE guide.
1. The Japanese Beautiful Boys Exhibition (Dec 4-12) A free exhibition of illustrations focusing on traditional Japanese historical dramas. Illustrations of famous Japanese actors, Hashizo Okawa and Masaki Kyomoto, dressed as samurai, ninja, and more. The venue is Ginza’s Gallery Pied-nu.

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December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo December 2021: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo


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Premium Japanese Green Tea & Coffee Set Giveaway (US On

Win a set of Gyokoro green tea and charcoal roasting coffee beans from the award-winning Japanese Green Tea Company today! 3 winners will be selected ...
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