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Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids

Japan Travel News
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Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids

Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids

Japan is fun, fascinating, and safe, making it one of the world?s best destinations for family travel.

Whether you?re traveling with babies, young children, teenagers, or all of the above, Japan?s engaging and eclectic culture has something for everybody.

To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together this list of 25 family-friendly activities in Japan. Enjoy memorable adventures as you experience Japan’s awe-inspiring bullet trains, magnificent castles, digital art exhibits, theme parks, and incredible food (from ramen and sushi, to burgers, pizza, and everything in between) wherever you go.

While not as off the beaten path as it used to be, most families still overlook Japan in favor of more ?conventional? family travel destinations. Read on to learn more about what makes Japan such an appealing destination for both kids and adults.
Originally written in 2014, this post was updated and republished on December 21, 2022.

Why Families Love Japan

Japan is an outstanding family destination for many of the same reasons we love Japan in general.

It?s Safe and Convenient

Japan is perhaps the safest large country in the world, making the US and Europe look quite dangerous in comparison.

It?s also surprisingly easy to get around, even if you don?t speak the Japanese language.

Another surprise highlight for so many travelers is how beautifully and efficiently things tend to work in Japan:

Japanese trains are spotless and depart ...
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Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids Family Travel in Japan: 25 Ideas for Exploring Japan with Kids


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