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Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Japan Travel News
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Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars

Albeit a little late, even sleepy Kanazawa has embraced the craft beer craze that has swept the planet. Options are still limited and none of the them are low priced (neither are they high), but if you want to get a taste for the local product, we’ve found some solid Kanazawa craft beer bars for you to do so.
Oriental Brewing
Oriental Brewing is a Kanazawa-born-and-bred brew pub with two branches to choose from. The main branch in Higashiyama?just across the road from the entrance to Higashi Chaya District?is in an historic Showa-period building and houses the brewery. The beers brewed in house are hoppy and adventurous. They also have guest beers from throughout Japan on tap. If you’re feeling hungry, head to the HigashiyamThe post Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars appeared first on Japan Cheapo.
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Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars Hoppin’ on the Brew Wagon: Kanazawa’s Best Craft Beer Bars


Fuente de la noticia: japancheapo
Fecha de publicacin: 14-05-2018 21:50
visto: 7

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