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July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan

Japan Travel News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: japancheapo - View all news from this site
July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan

July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan

Summertime is the best time for festival culture in Japan?from parades, to period costumes, to fireworks…and even human-powered flying machines!
Tenjin Matsuri, one of Japan’s top three festivals
2018 Gion Festival ? Kyoto
The Gion Matsuri is a month-long festival that takes place in Kyoto in July each year . The biggest draw are the parades (called Yamaboko Junk?) on the 17th and 24th of the month.

 2018 Gion Festival Dates:
1st Jul–31st Jul, 2018

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Hakata Gion Yamakasa ? Fukuoka
Join one million other spectators where men race elaborately decorated floats (weighing in at 1 ton!) at this festival whose history goes bThe post July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan appeared first on Japan Cheapo.

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July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan July 2018: Top Summer Events Around Japan


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Fecha de publicación: 27-06-2018 21:49
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A Low-Key Day Trip to Otsuki and Tsuru in Nearby Yamanashi P

Packed with interesting cultural and historical sights, not so packed with tourists. If you?re looking for a relaxed overnight getaway, Otsuki and Tsu ...
16-11-2018 21:53

The Sanyo Shinkansen with the JR Pass

What thrills you most about western Japan" Is it the succulent taste and fine marbled texture of the famous Kobe beef" It is the surreal reminders of ...
16-11-2018 21:22

Your Prepaid SIM Card Options for Travel in Japan

A number of prepaid data SIM cards are available for short-term visitors to Japan. You land in Tokyo and ride the train into the big city. Maybe you s ...
13-11-2018 21:55

Tokyo to Kyoto: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Travel

Tokyo and Kyoto, along with neighboring Osaka, are usually at the top of the itinerary when you visit Japan. Tokyo is commonly regarded as a city of m ...
13-11-2018 21:55

Tokyo Events This Week: Autumn Festivals and Horseback Arche

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Tokyo events for Monday, November 12 to Sunday, November 18, 2018 Jingu Gaien Ginkgo T ...
12-11-2018 21:53

Fujino: A Place for Artists, Lovers and Eco-Warriors

Ever seen that strange giant envelope on the mountain as you drive on the highway toward Mount Fuji from Tokyo" Ever wonder what it is" It?s a love le ...
09-11-2018 21:56

Best Winter Illuminations in Japan 2018

Light festivals over the Christmas period have become huge events in Japan. Every year the spectacular displays become even more extravagant and breat ...
09-11-2018 21:22

Review of Etude House Cosmetics: The Good, the Bad and the K

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” ? Marilyn Monroe If you live in Japan or South Korea and youâ ...
08-11-2018 21:44

Kyoto Restaurant Tour Experience | Gion at Night ? ONLY in J

Kyoto, Japan. Think food. Lots of food! That\'s dining out in the city and Gion is the place to be at night. Tempura, Tofu, Ramen, Wagyu Steaks, Sush ...
06-11-2018 21:43

Tokyo Events This Week: Nov 5-11, 2018

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks Join the TC gang and fellow cheapos for a drink (or few) ...
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Flying Tiger Sushi Roll - Salmon Avocado Roll

Learn how to make this delicious but simple salmon avocado sushi roll, this video will show you all the steps to make this tasty sushi roll from home. ...
05-11-2018 21:18

Top 10 Picks for Tokyo Winter Illuminations 2018-19

We’re not trying to squash the romance and wonder of the season, but Tokyo winter illuminations have become something of an arms race with the vario ...
04-11-2018 21:50

Montreal Travel Guide

There are many activities for visitors to do in Montreal, including walking through historic Old Montreal, hiking up Mount Royal, and visiting the gra ...
02-11-2018 21:51

Akiruno: A Nature-Filled Escape Just Outside Tokyo

You’re unlikely to see Akiruno on a list of day trips from Tokyo. That?s especially true in English-language media, in which Hakone, Nikko and Kamak ...
02-11-2018 21:50

Pasmo and Suica Cards: Smart Tokyo Travel (w/ Photo Instruct

Buying a reloadable IC card for train and bus travel around Tokyo can save you time, money and most importantly, the embarrassment of lost tickets and ...
02-11-2018 21:50

Kanazawa Travel Guide

Kanazawa is known as ?Little Kyoto? though it?s a magnificent destination in its own right. It?s the capital of the Ishikawa Prefecture and has an imp ...
02-11-2018 21:21

Tokyo Events This Week: Oct 29-Nov 4, 2018

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. 62nd CWAJ Print Show This popular print show show has grown into a highly respected an ...
29-10-2018 21:49

How to go from Osaka to Kyoto

Traveling between Osaka and Kyoto is easier than ever. The two cities are well-connected and there are numerous ways of making the journey.The fastest ...
29-10-2018 21:21

A Super Cheap Japan Guide to Skiing Hakuba

A post by John Blagys: The premiere skiing destination in Honshu, Hakuba has been quickly developing into one of the most popular ski resorts in all o ...
29-10-2018 21:19

Top 12 Spots for Autumn Leaves in Japan

Get your fall fix wherever you are in Japan?from Hokkaido?s mountain ranges to the secret valleys of Kansai, there?s plenty of koyo to go around. |cre ...
26-10-2018 21:53

Tokyo's Hidden Pacific Island | OGASAWARA ? ONLY in JAPAN

Far out to sea from the city of Tokyo, over 1,000 kilometers away are Tokyo\'s hidden islands called the Ogasawaras. Few tourists have ever heard of t ...
26-10-2018 21:45

Best Day Trips from Osaka by train

Osaka might not exude beauty the way Kyoto might, but the city definitely has charm, color, and great food. Set in the Kansai region, Japan’s third ...
26-10-2018 21:23

A Journey Through Japan?s Most Surprising Dishes

It?s fair to say that one of the best ways to really learn about a country?s culture is through its food. In fact, food travel shows seem to make up 3 ...
25-10-2018 21:47

The Tokyo Cheapo Guide to Halloween 2018

It’ll soon be October, which means that Tokyo Halloween 2018 is upon us! If you’re less of a parade person and more interested in the nightlife op ...
25-10-2018 21:47

Nakiryu: Tantalizing Tantanmen with a Michelin Star

Hot on the heels of neighbor Tsuta, Nakiryu has been awarded a Michelin star for its famous tantanmen noodles: spicy, rich and definitely worth queuin ...
25-10-2018 21:47

Tokyo’s Best Halloween Parties 2018

If you’re reading this, you already know that Halloween has morphed into an out-of-control street party in Tokyo. For some of the free street action ...
25-10-2018 21:47

6 tips for travelling in Japanese cities

Source Events There is always something fun going on in Japan, so before you head out there make sure you look at what will be happening while you ar ...
25-10-2018 21:19

'BUTT HURT' is a REAL GAME in Japan!

The Japanese call it a \'kancho.\' And yes, it\'s a real thing. And this is a TRUE story! ...
23-10-2018 21:48

Best Michelin star restaurants in Japan

Are you a foodie ? someone who eats, not just out of hunger, but because you have an ardent interest in food and make enjoying it your hobby" Do you l ...
22-10-2018 21:20

Tokyo Events This Week: Oct 22-Oct 28, 2018

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Tokyo English Book Exchange #4 Meet up with likeminded bibliophiles for Tokyo Cheapo†...
21-10-2018 21:49

Osaka in Autumn: 10 Places to Enjoy the Changing Leaves

Osaka?s autumn leaves transform quiet corners of the busy city into seasonal treats, from temples to mountains and beyond. |credit| Turning golden br ...
19-10-2018 21:48

Toyosu Fish Market: The Successor to Tsukiji

For decades, the Tsukiji Fish Market was a staple among Tokyo?s top attractions. What made this fish market so special"Tsukiji was not only the larges ...
19-10-2018 21:20

Special Melon Dessert Recipe

Simple but fun melon dessert trick. ingredients: - 2g agar agar powder - 220g coconut milk ...
17-10-2018 21:17

November 2018: Top Cheapo Events Around Japan

Things are getting chilly now that it’s November?but there’s plenty to do to keep you distracted and even warm you up, from fire-walking to ramen ...
16-10-2018 21:51

The Best Ways for Getting Around Kanazawa

With one of Japan’s most renowned gardens, a castle, a samurai housing district and history around every corner, Kanazawa has become a major draw fo ...
16-10-2018 21:51

Matcha Cafes: Green Tea in Tokyo

Matcha, a particular kind of green tea that is characterized by fine powder, has become more popular around the world in the recent years. Before, the ...
16-10-2018 21:50

Alfa-X Shinkansen: the 400 km/h Bullet Train

The next generation of Shinkansen bullet trains will begin testing next year. The state-of-the-art ?Alfa-X? is expected to travel faster than 400 km/h ...
16-10-2018 21:20

Tokyo Events This Week: October 15-21, 2018

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Niku Fes Tachikawa Niku is the Japanese word for ?meat??and a lot of it is what you ca ...
14-10-2018 21:47

Halloween in Japan: Costumes, Traditions, and Where to Go

Halloween continues to grow in popularity in Japan. It burst onto the scene in 2000 when Disneyland Tokyo hosted its first Halloween event. It was a t ...
12-10-2018 21:20

Cheapo Weekend for Oct 13-14: Fall Fireworks, Flowers and Fo

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Tamagawa Fireworks Festival This is the biggest fireworks festival in the Setagaya are ...
10-10-2018 21:48

Renting a Wifi Router in Japan: Best Options

Traveling with multiple devices" Renting a pocket (mobile) wifi router in Japan is the best way to get connected. If you’re wondering how best to st ...
09-10-2018 21:44

Bao Buns Recipe - Chinese Steam Buns

This video recipe shows in depth how to make super fluffy tender bao buns. ...
07-10-2018 21:17

A Week in Tokyo

I was flat on my back in the dark grass, pressing my eyes shut while bombs exploded overhead. “Are you watching"” Mizuki asked. “Intently,” I ...
06-10-2018 21:47

Quick Guide to SIM Cards in Japan: Short and Long-Term Optio

Heading East, and wondering what your Japanese SIM card options are" There are a range of prepaid and contract SIMs to choose from, but figuring out w ...
05-10-2018 21:46

Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district

Surrounding Tokyo?s Harajuku Station is an area known as Harajuku. It has been called ?the center of Japan?s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion ...
05-10-2018 21:20

By: When is the Best Time to Visit Japan"

[…] So, when is the best month to visit Japan" While lovers of flowers might say “April” and fall color chasers might (to their surprise) answer ...
04-10-2018 21:49

CWAJ: Art, Visual Impairment and Female Empowerment

Celebrating its 70th year, the College Women?s Association of Japan are a little-known powerhouse organization dedicated to helping women and the visu ...
04-10-2018 21:49

5 Tips for Saving Money at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are bucket-list destinations for many, and while prices will always be high, there are some easy methods to save ...
04-10-2018 21:49

Cheapo Weekend for Oct 6-8: Health and Sports Day

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Monday, October 8th is Health and Sports Day in Japan which = a three-day weekend! Mos ...
03-10-2018 21:44

Apartment in Japan" You May Have This Problem!

Getting an apartment in Tokyo" Watch out for this! Subscribe here! Follow us on Twitter Foll ...
02-10-2018 21:40

Chind?gu ??? – The Japanese art of useless (Not always

Chind?gu ??? (?: rare, ??: tool) is a Japanese art of inventing original devices that might help you with a very concrete purpose. The problem is that ...
02-10-2018 21:20

By: Your Search for The Best Ryokans in Japan Ends Here

[…] my opinion, three weeks in Japan is the best amount of time to spend in the country, while with one month in Japan, your trip can […] ...
01-10-2018 21:49

Sensoji: The Ins and Outs of Tokyo?s Oldest Temple

Everybody knows Tokyo doesn?t really have landmarks (think quick: what is Tokyo?s Statue of Liberty, Big Ben or Eiffel Tower?there isn?t one, right"). ...
01-10-2018 21:49

Where Time Stands Still: Surviving Layovers in Japan’s

Time slows to a crawl. You start to wonder if the faux-leather seats really are any more comfortable than lying down on the floor… |credit| Like it ...
28-09-2018 21:49

The best manga and anime locations in Japan

To many, the artistic styles of anime cartoons and manga comic books are synonymous with Japanese culture. Not only are these entertainments enjoyed w ...
28-09-2018 21:23

October 2018: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

It’s October. If you live in Tokyo, you know what that means?shops like Don Quijote will start playing “This is Halloween” on loop as Halloween ...
27-09-2018 21:46

Cheapo Weekend for Sep 29-30: Namaste India Festival, Geisha

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. This&That Café V.39: Summer Send-Off One of our favorite events in the city, This&That ...
26-09-2018 21:49

Mt. Fuji at Sunset. Featured Photo

Chasing the sunset West through Kanagawa. Mt. Fuji dominates the view over the over the Tomei Expressway. ...
26-09-2018 21:43

Tokyo Street Food Market Experience | Ameyoko ? ONLY in JAPA

Tokyo\'s Ameyoko Market is the city\'s street food paradise. There is no debate. The market street runs for 400 meters along the Yamanote Line from Ok ...
25-09-2018 21:41

Kyoto Event: Takigi Noh at Heian Shrine 2018 [4K]

For more information and photographs: AND ...
25-09-2018 21:41



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