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Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines

Japan Travel News
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Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines

Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines

Romance and marriage are something many people want, but both can b difficult to find. If you’re looking for love, you may want to consider visiting one of the many “love shrines” Tokyo has to offer. It is believed that if you visit one of these shrines, the deities of love and marriage will hear your wish and your luck in love will improve.
The following list offers a brief description of Tokyo’s top love shrines as well as the best route for visiting them. Although it may be difficult to see all of these in one day, this guide gives you a good starting point and is ideal for anyone who is getting tired of waiting around for their perfect Tinder match. Shrine Etiquette
When visiting a shrine, there are sevThe post Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines appeared first on Tokyo Cheapo.

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Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines


Fuente de la noticia: tokyocheapo
Fecha de publicacin: 10-09-2022 21:46
visto: 5

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November 2022: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

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Taking Credit: Getting a Credit Card for your Business in Ja

The ink is dry on your bank paperwork and your business bank account is open and ready to go. The next step maybe further financing and accounting, an ...
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A Guide to Hitchhiking in Japan

For those planning a trip on a budget, hitchhiking can be a very appealing alternative transport method. But is it possible to hitchhike in Japan" Wha ...
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A Complete Guide to the Ky?sh? Shinkansen

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Things to Do in Matsumoto: Culture in the Japanese Alps

I arrived in Matsumoto on a cold night, the chill of winter still enveloping the streets, a breath of rain in the air. The mountain cold was disorient ...
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Lose Yourself at Tokyo’s Top 10 Themed Restaurants

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