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Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum

Japan Travel News
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Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum

Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum

Recently I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon pottering around the Yayoi Kusama Museum, the world?s only permanent gallery dedicated to her work.
Portrait of Yayoi Kusama
The artist: Yayoi Kusama
The exhibition I attended?Here, Now, I have Reached the Grandest Start of My Life?follows Kusama?s footsteps as an artist, starting with early works from the 1950s and concluding with her more recent fare. Allegedly the most popular artist on the planet (at least in terms of visitor numbers), her galleries worldwide are often packed while they last?so naturally getting tickets can be a pain. More on that later. A Face by Yayoi Kusama
Her works are famously fueled by intense visual and auditory hallucinations, which have inspired her The post Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum appeared first on Tokyo Cheapo.

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Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum Seeing Spots at the Yayoi Kusama Museum


Fuente de la noticia: tokyocheapo
Fecha de publicacin: 08-01-2019 21:54
visto: 28

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