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Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu

Japan Travel News
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Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu

Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu


Once upon a time in 17th century Japan, a courtesan gifted with both intelligence and beauty, lived in the Old Capital. Her name was Yoshino Dayuu (or Yoshino Tayu). The 18th-century writer, Saikaku Ihara called her the most exceptional Japanese courtesan of all time. According to legend, requests for her portrait came from as far away as China.

Trained as a high-ranking courtesan from the age of 7, she quickly mastered the arts of Japanese music, dance, poetry, tea ceremony and flower arrangement. She made her debut at the age of 14 and immediately became a sensation. She entranced all of her guests and even drove some mad. One day, the chief adviser to the emperor at that time tried to buy her. Instead, she resigned her position because she was in love with a man four years younger than she, Haiya Joeki (a scandal in those days, no doubt). Soon after they began to live together. Joeki?s father, Joyu, disowned his son. But that did nothing to change their love.
One day, when Joyu was standing under the eaves of a house to get out of the rain, the women of the house came out and offered to dry his clothes and gave him a cup of green tea. To him she appeared humble but at the same time extraordinarily refined. He was fascinated by her. Later, when he told his friend about her, he was informed that that woman was his daughter-in-law (Yoshino). Instantly, he forgave them, and so his son and Yoshino were married and allowed by all to live happily ever afte...
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Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu Women of Kyoto Yoshino Tayu


Fuente de la noticia: japan visitor
Fecha de publicación: 17-10-2016 21:47
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Hinamatsuri Doll Festival

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Best Japanese TV shows to watch before visiting Japan

When you think of TV series from Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely the huge output of anime processed in the country. However, ...
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