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JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area

Japan Travel News
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JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area

JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area

(Finally) The second Just One Cookbook meetup/lunch event in SF Bay Area!

I wanted to do a quick update on our 2nd Just One Cookbook Meetup / Lunch event in the Bay Area!  Mr. JOC and I hosted lunch at our local favorite Japanese restaurant, Izakaya Ginji in San Mateo earlier today.

Two weeks prior to the event, I shared about the meetup on my newsletter and social media channels, and many local JOC friends responded to us. We selected 8 JOC friends so that we can have an intimate setting to sit together at one table and talk.
Topics ranged from how the readers found JOC for the first time, how they use JOC, and how Mr. JOC and I could improve the website and users’ experience.
We would like to thank (left to right) Logan, Lillian, Alex, Nicole, Su, Sarah, Shirley, and Andrew (who had to leave early and not in the group photo) for all your amazing feedback and support.  It will be a tremendous help when we update our website later on this summer. We apologize to those of you who tried to attend but we were unable accept due to the limited space. We are hoping to have another meetup in the near future.
Here’s our very first Just One Cookbook Meetup in Tokyo.
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The post JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area appeared first on Just One Cookbook.

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JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area


Fuente de la noticia: justonecookbook
Fecha de publicación: 07-06-2018 21:48
visto: 7

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Top 5 Summer Day Trips from Sapporo

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Visiting the Izu Peninsula with the Izu Craile Train

Natural hot springs, beaches, mountains, and scenic coasts. This is just a taste of what the Izu Peninsula has to offer. Located conveniently near Tok ...
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Tokyo to Nara: The Fastest and Easiest Ways of Getting There

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All the Reasons You Need to Move to Fukuoka

Sakurai Futamigaura, just out of Fukuoka City. Fukuoka, the capital of Fukuoka Prefecture and the largest city on Kyushu, has a centuries-old history ...
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6 Summer Day Trips from Kyoto

With more shrines than skyscrapers, Japan’s ancient capital is the idyllic traditional city. But when the summer heat rolls in, these cooling summer ...
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If you?re in Osaka this summer and want to escape the summer heat, we have all the best day trips to give you a breath of fresh air! |credit| Osaka ca ...
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Tokyo Mens-Only Capsule Hotel & Lounge Chair Stay Experience

We\'re back at another capsule hotel in Tokyo and this time is a retro one ? and it\'s men only! (And we\'ll answer the question of why") The Salarym ...
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KIRIKA - Tokyo Action Series ep.1 Part II

More A$$ kickin\' in the back streets of Tokyo ! Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram ...
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10+ Fun Free and Cheap Things to Do in Harajuku

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando is some pretty cool architecture. When I first moved to Tokyo, I was living on ÂĄ1,000 a day while renting half a room in the c ...
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Japanese capsule hotels: the best in Tokyo and Osaka

Japan is an incredible country to visit but it?s pricey. If you?re traveling on a budget or you miss the last train and find yourself in need of accom ...
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Experiencing the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

Do you ever want to do something super #OnlyInJapan" Well, recently I thought I would go all out and experience the Kawaii Monster Cafe (???? ????? ?? ...
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4 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Single-Use Plastic in Japan

|credit| This has been a big year for plastic so far. If you haven?t been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed your social media feed explod ...
12-07-2018 21:47

ASMR UNAGI EEL COOKING (extremely graphic)

I wanted to try doing something new so here is my very first ASMR cooking video, in this video you will see how to cook eel with natural cooking sound ...
12-07-2018 21:18

11 Things You Should Know Before Visiting the Tsukiji Fish M

|credit| The Tsukiji Fish Market appears in literally every guidebook about Tokyo and on most people’s tour itineraries?and cheapos appreciate that ...
11-07-2018 21:47

Don?t Sweat the Summer: A Perfectly Cool Tokyo Weekend Itine

If you have been in Tokyo for a full course of the much-acclaimed four Japanese seasons, you already know what awaits you in summer: it?s going to be ...
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EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: LIVE Eel Kabayaki (Unagi grilled eel)

How to grill a freshwater eel to make Japanese grilled eel otherwise known as Unagi. This video will show you how to start with a living eel and end ...
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The Yokohama Summer Fireworks Guide

Summer means one thing in Japan, and that’s fireworks festivals. There’s no better way to enjoy warm summer evenings in Yokohama than with a lit-u ...
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Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Brazilian Day Japan 2018 |credit| Celebrate Brazilian culture, cuisine and art at this ...
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7 Cheapo Tips for Keeping Cool in Tokyo Summer

Surviving the summer heat in Tokyo is a challenge, but with the right food, a couple of green spots to escape to and some ingenious inventions, you?ll ...
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150-kilogram Bluefin Tuna Cutting Event The other day I went to a tuna cutting event where a very big 150 kg bluefin tuna was butchered in a live eve ...
09-07-2018 21:17



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