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Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder

Japan Travel News
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Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder

Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder

Red, yellow, blue, now it's the Green colored Ramen we have found right here in Tokyo. The strange thing is, this green Ramen was never born in Japan in the first place! We have visited Mensho San Francisco (which is in Tokyo) to find out what the deal is with this strange colored Ramen. Will it taste like its color" Or will it be something totally different" Is it sweet" Spicy" or not even something you can imagine" We were able to get official access to the ramen store and was able to hear what their story was
#Matcha #Ramen #Green
1:13 What is a Ramen"
2:37 Different" or not 4:11 Let's try
6:15 The actual taste

Special Thanks to Mensho San Francisco

We at WAO-RYU! ONLY in JAPAN will continue to introduce the amazing Japanese food and tradition through the eyes of foreigners in high-quality documentaries.
Many great things about Japan, which even Japanese people didn't know are introduced
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Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder Tokyo's Green Ramen | The Matcha Wonder


Fuente de la noticia: ONLY in JAPAN
Fecha de publicación: 08-05-2021 22:05
visto: 22

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