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February 2023: Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

In the blink of an eye, the first month of the year is over. We hope that 2023 has been good to you Cheapos so far, and if you made a New Year’s res...
26-01-2023 21:58

Where to See Plum Blossoms in Tokyo: 2023 Edition

Cherry blossoms tend to steal the spotlight in Japan, but there’s another flower that’s also bright pink and breathtaking: the plum blossom. Bloom...
26-01-2023 21:58

Anime Tours: The World of Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, and Mor

Being the creative mind behind the best-performing anime film of all time, Your Name, and other titles such as Weathering with You and The Garden of W...
25-01-2023 21:56

Tokyo Events This Week: Tuna, Tengu, and Tradition

Tokyo events for Monday, January 23 to Sunday, January 29, 2023. Is January nearly over already" As the first month of the year comes to a close, you...
22-01-2023 21:57

The Survival Guide to Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is — as you may have guessed — one of the main train stations in Tokyo. But it’s more than just a transport hub. This station is a...
18-01-2023 22:00

8 Marathons in Japan That’ll Take Your Breath Away

If you like your runs with a side of majestic landscapes, then Japan might be the right place to put on your sneakers and try a marathon. Marathons in...
16-01-2023 22:00

Tokyo Events This Week: Trinkets and Lunar New Year

Tokyo events for Monday, January 16 to Sunday, January 22, 2023. This Sunday, Chinatown will come alive with celebrations for the Lunar New Year — ...
15-01-2023 21:59

Japan Ski Resorts: A Guide to Hitting the Slopes near Tokyo

There are heaps of amazing slopes all over Honsh? and Hokkaid? (like Niseko), but in this article we?re focusing on ski and snowboard resorts in Japan...
12-01-2023 22:00

Everything about the J?etsu Shinkansen

The J?etsu Shinkansen connects Tokyo with Niigata, on the Sea of Japan coast — it’s one of only a few Shinkansen routes that cross the breadth of ...
12-01-2023 22:00

2023 Tokyo Cherry Blossom Dates

Sakuraseason is right around the corner and we want to make sure you don’t miss a single petal, which is why we are presenting you with the latest ...
12-01-2023 22:00

Suica Cards: Quick Guide to What, How, Where and Why

Forget fussing with paper tickets, small change, or mental math: pick up a Suica card as soon as you touch down at Haneda or Narita and sail off confi...
10-01-2023 22:01

How to Make a Restaurant Reservation in Tokyo

It’s no secret that Tokyo is a foodie’s paradise. From Michelin-star restaurants to one-coin pizzas, the capital has it all. But if you’ve got y...
09-01-2023 21:59

Tokyo Events This Week: Daruma, Ghibli, and Markets

Tokyo events for Monday, January 9 to Sunday, January 15, 2023. Out with the old and in with the new… daruma dolls" This week in Tokyo you can burn ...
08-01-2023 22:00

A Mega Guide to Tokyo Sports Bars

If you?re planning to be in Japan during a big international sporting event — a world cup, for example — you might be surprised to learn that not ...
06-01-2023 22:00

Guide to Working Holidays

A Working Holiday in Japan is the OG workation. This visa type allows you to both travel and work in Japan — legally. Imagine a gap year, but with t...
04-01-2023 21:55

A Room with a View: Tokyo Hotels with Incredible Cityscapes

A small room with no windows and bare walls sounds like a prison cell, but it could be your Tokyo hotel if you don’t take a look at our list! Read o...
04-01-2023 21:55

Tokyo Events This Week: Shrine Visits and Traditional Festiv

Tokyo events for Monday, January 2 to Sunday, January 8, 2023. How will you start off the year" Writing New Year’s resolution" Laying on the couch r...
01-01-2023 21:52

January 2023: 5 Events Not to Miss

Happy New Year, Cheapos! If you want to kick off the month of January with some fun, start with these events. And if you want to welcome 2023 the Japa...
27-12-2022 21:56

Tokyo Events This Week: Countdowns, Comiket, and a Pilgrimag

Tokyo events for Monday, December 26, 2022 to Sunday, January 1, 2023. It’s a new year in Japan and that means visiting shrines, eating osechi, and ...
25-12-2022 21:52

Sleep Inns: Tokyo Hotels with Late Checkouts

Let’s be real, hotels with late checkouts are the best. Whether it’s because you had a big night out or just suffering from some jetlag, sometimes...
24-12-2022 21:51

Out of Order: Visiting Tokyo’s Most Unusual Vending Ma

There’s a vending machine on almost every corner in Japan. While they are usually filled with everyday necessities like water, juice, and coffee, fr...
23-12-2022 22:00

Cheap Laughs: Finding the Funnies in Tokyo

Where does one go for laughs in Tokyo" You may think Japanese humor is limited to slapstick variety shows, but the Tokyo comedy scene is so much more ...
22-12-2022 21:53

A Guide to Coworking Spaces in Tokyo

We get it, sometimes it can be hard to work in the same four walls every day. So here?s a look at some of the best coworking spaces in Tokyo for regul...
21-12-2022 21:52

A Guide to Catching the Bus in Tokyo

We?ve previously covered catching highway buses to distant destinations in Japan. In comparison, catching a local bus might not seem like a difficult ...
21-12-2022 21:52

Tokyo Events This Week: Christmas and Last-Chance Illuminati

Tokyo events for Monday, December 19 to Sunday, December 25, 2022. It’s Christmas! Deck the halls, set out the cookies and milk, listen to some caro...
18-12-2022 21:55

Where to Be on New Year’s Eve: 5 Tokyo Countdown Parti

Tokyo, a city known for its all-night antics, has some of the best New Year’s Eve countdown celebrations in the world — and you can read all about...
14-12-2022 21:56

Flex and the City: Gyms and Fitness Clubs in Tokyo

It?s almost impossible to walk more than a few minutes in Tokyo without seeing a gym or fitness studio. If you?re looking to reach a fitness goal, or ...
14-12-2022 21:56

How to Score Discount Shinkansen Tickets from JR East

Eligible for a rail pass and making at least one return journey" No problem, the Japan Rail Pass has you covered. But if you’re a foreign resident s...
13-12-2022 21:59

Tokyo Events This Week: Bats, Markets, and Samurai

Tokyo events for Monday, December 12 to Sunday, December 18, 2022. This week is a great one for events if you’ve had enough of Christmas music and f...
11-12-2022 21:54

Winter in Tokyo: Ski, Soak and Celebrate the New Year

Winter in Tokyo is crisp and clear, with chances to ski down nearby slopes, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the quiet traditions of the New Year. Wrap...
08-12-2022 21:53

Tokyo Events This Week: Christmas Markets, Fire Festival, an

Tokyo events for Monday, December 5 to Sunday, December 11, 2022. As the temperature drops, We have many events and activities this week that will war...
05-12-2022 21:56

Quick Guide to Souvenir Japanese Antiques

In a nation of craftsmen and perfectionists, it’s no wonder that the quality of Japanese antiques is high. But there are plenty of small items you c...
05-12-2022 21:56

Top 10 Picks for Tokyo Winter Illuminations 2022?2023

Ah, winter! When the residents of Japan celebrate the festive season with cream-covered sponge cakes, buckets of KFC, and visits to love hotels. Even...
30-11-2022 22:00

Tokyo for Hello Kitty Fans

Hello Kitty is one of the trendsetters of Kawaii culture. She has had a significant influence in Japan, with Tokyo being one of the best places to fin...
30-11-2022 22:00

December 2022: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

2022 — a year that has been both very long and all too short — is coming to a close. But before that clock hits midnight on December 31, try out s...
27-11-2022 21:52

Tokyo Events This Week: Night Festivals, Art Shows, and Luck

Tokyo events for Monday, November 28 to Sunday, December 4, 2022 Open your advent calendars and dust off your decorations — it’s officially Decemb...
27-11-2022 21:52

Tokyo Hotels with Rooftops that Rise Above the Rest

Rooftop terraces offer a perfect place to grab some fresh air away from your Tokyo-sized hotel room. Lift your spirits (and yourself) by sipping on a ...
25-11-2022 21:52

The Cheapo Guide to Yoyogi Park

Tokyo is full of parks, but Yoyogi Park is the true people’s park. Not only is it free, it’s lively and full of people — an excellent place to u...
23-11-2022 21:55

Tokyo Events This Week: World Cup, Comic Con, and Comedy

Tokyo events for Monday, November 21 to Sunday, November 27, 2022 Are we allowed to start celebrating Christmas yet" The Christmas markets opening thi...
20-11-2022 21:53

Joining Japan’s Great CBD Chillout

Disclaimer: The particular therapeutic benefits of CBD are unproven. Always consult a doctor for medical issues. Hemp-derived food products are hittin...
20-11-2022 21:53

Tokyo Events This Week: Fireworks, Fall Leaves, and Festas

Tokyo events for Monday, November 14 to Sunday, November 20, 2022 It’s your last chance to see the chrysanthemum festivals, the perfect time to see ...
13-11-2022 21:54

A Coffee Aficionado’s Guide to the Caf Scene in Kiyos

A relatively quiet and nondescript area of Tokyo, the suburb of Kiyosumi Shirakawa has become something of a coffee lovers’ paradise. With hipster c...
09-11-2022 21:55

Eating with the Seasons: 9 Fall Foods to Try in Japan

Fall is the season for eating, according to a Japanese saying — and it’s not wrong. And with the sheer number of delicious Japanese fall foods, yo...
09-11-2022 21:55

Tokyo Events This Week: Autumn, Chrysanthemums, and Illumina

Tokyo events for Monday, November 7 to Sunday, November 13, 2022 Predictions say that the autumn leaves for Tokyo (well, Mount Takao) will start getti...
06-11-2022 21:58

Rake in Luck for the New Year at Tori no Ichi

Every November, on “rooster days” — according to the Chinese zodiac — several shrines around Tokyo host Tori no Ichi, or “Rooster Markets....
05-11-2022 21:56

Connecting to Wi-Fi in Tokyo and Japan

You’ve just touched down in Tokyo and you’re immediately dying to snap some pics and show everyone what they’re missing (or more likely, find yo...
02-11-2022 22:00

Tokyo’s Goth Scene (Then and Now) with La Carmina

The mid-00s in Tokyo was the reign of the Gothic Lolita. One of a dizzying number of variations on the Lolita fashion trend, the Goth Lolis brought a ...
02-11-2022 22:00

Tokyo Events This Week: Ramen, Books, and Fireworks

Tokyo events for Monday, October 31 to Sunday, November 6, 2022 On Monday, we welcome Halloween — suitably on the most depressing day of the week an...
30-10-2022 21:56

November 2022: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

The madness of Halloween might soon be over, but events in Tokyo haven’t lost their spark. It’s the best time of year for kōyō (the viewing of ...
27-10-2022 21:54

Find the Best Transport from Narita Airport to Tokyo

As surprising as it may seem, Narita Airport (NRT) — Tokyo’s main international gateway — is not close to Tokyo at all. In fact, this Tokyo air...
27-10-2022 21:54

A Guide to Hitchhiking in Japan

For those planning a trip on a budget, hitchhiking can be a very appealing alternative transport method. But is it possible to hitchhike in Japan" Wha...
26-10-2022 21:54

Taking Credit: Getting a Credit Card for your Business in Ja

The ink is dry on your bank paperwork and your business bank account is open and ready to go. The next step maybe further financing and accounting, an...
26-10-2022 21:54

Lose Yourself at Tokyo’s Top 10 Themed Restaurants

Take a seat at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, chow down in lockup, or snack like a ninja — you can do it all at these Tokyo themed restaurants. Somet...
25-10-2022 22:02

Roppongi: Things to Do in the High-End Hills

Roppongi — where nightlife, brand name shopping and art collide. This lively neighborhood, with its mish-mash of attractions and things to do, is a ...
17-10-2022 21:58

How to get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disneyland

So you’ve just landed at Haneda Airport and the first stop on your journey is Tokyo Disney, easy right" Well… you may have heard correctly that Ha...
13-10-2022 21:58

The Tokyo Cheapo Guide to Halloween 2022

Halloween has become a massive hit for Japan in the last decade. This includes a lot of imported Western traditions like trick-or-treating, parades, a...
13-10-2022 21:58

15 Tokyo Flea Markets for Bargain Hunting

A cheapo’s paradise, Tokyo flea markets are awesome places for bargain-hunting. And there’s no shortage of them — you’ll find something happen...
11-10-2022 22:00

Caffeine Kick-starts: Finding Good Morning Coffee in Tokyo

If you’re used to quality coffee, the half-dehydrated pot of tar on the hot plate at your hotel’s buffet is just a cup of bitter disappointment. S...
09-10-2022 21:58

Early-Bird Season Passes and Discounts for Japan’s Sno

Planning to ski or snowboard Japan’s awesome powder this winter" Early bird discounts offer a way to save huge amounts on lift passes. Depending on ...
06-10-2022 21:56

Zero Waste Shopping in Tokyo

Are you that person who always brings a reusable bag shopping" Does the plastic wrapped fruit and veg at the supermarket make you cringe" Then you’r...
04-10-2022 22:00

7 Flashy Things to do in Omotesand?

Omotesandō bleeds luxury. Up and down the boulevard, you’ll find rows of deluxe Western and Japanese designer stores. But there’s more to this av...
03-10-2022 21:56

Autumn in Tokyo: A Guide to the Golden Season

While summer is too hot, winter too cold, and spring simply too busy, autumn is the Goldilocks pick of seasons for visiting Japan — just right. Autu...
28-09-2022 21:43

October 2022: 5 Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

The spookiest month of the year is upon us, and that means the start of blood-pumping, heart-pounding, nail-curling events in Tokyo. But you’ll be r...
26-09-2022 21:47

A Guide to Buying on Mercari in Japan

For those who are fans of Depop or Ebay, Mercari can seem like Japan’s holy grail — full of cheap Issey Miyake and Canon cameras. However, Japanes...
13-09-2022 21:44

A Guide to Opening a Business Bank Account in Japan

Once you’ve gone through all the steps and registered your company, you’ll likely be looking for a bank to help handle your financial affairs. Jap...
12-09-2022 21:49

Lovin on a Prayer ? Visiting Tokyo’s Top Love Shrines

Romance and marriage are something many people want, but both can b difficult to find. If you’re looking for love, you may want to consider visiting...
10-09-2022 21:46

Top Tokyo Pop Culture Events

Japan is chock full of festivals, and we don’t just mean traditional ones with fireworks and Bon dances. If you like pop culture (be it anime, manga...
07-09-2022 22:14

Tokyo Toilets: When Architecture Calls

Voice activated, transparent and inspired by nature, Shibuya is taking public toilets to the next level. Leaving no stone unturned in its quest to be ...
02-09-2022 22:10

Everything You Need to Know About Shiba Inu

Whether you know it by name or not, anyone who’s a Japanophile – or just spends a lot of time on the internet – will be familiar with the adorab...
29-08-2022 22:11

Setting Up a Company in Japan

Setting up a company for the first time can be daunting. Incorporation choices, paperwork, and even getting your hands on company seals (or hanko) are...
26-08-2022 22:03

The Strange Library: Tokyo’s Haruki Murakami Library

Part library, part literary haven, the Waseda International House of Literature is much more exciting when called by its alternative name: The Haruki ...
25-08-2022 22:10

September 2022: 5 Events Not to Miss

Summer festivals may be drawing to a close, but the autumnal equinox means there are plenty of celebrations to check out in September. The — hopefu...
25-08-2022 22:10

Understanding the new Shinkansen Luggage Rules

Bullet train baggage rules have changed. On some lines, luggage compartments are a thing of the past and from now on you’ll need to reserve a specia...
22-08-2022 21:59

What we Know about the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo

Reborn from the ashes of the Toshimaen theme park will be The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo — The Making of Harry Potter, set to open in the first ...
16-08-2022 21:46

Getting your Broken Phone Repaired in Tokyo

So your brand new phone slipped out of your pocket onto the station platform and now you can barely touch the screen without getting chunks of broken ...
11-08-2022 21:47

10 Best Things to Do in Shibuya

Shibuya is Tokyo’s youth mecca, never short of shopping complexes, bars, art, music and — luckily for us — things to do. You don’t need all th...
04-08-2022 21:47

A Guide to Property Taxes in Japan

Home Sweet Home, the saying goes. But for all the happy memories there, you might wonder just how much it’s worth when your annual property tax bill...
22-07-2022 21:45

August 2022: 5 Tokyo Events Not to Miss

August marks the peak of festival season, but with the ongoing travails of COVID-19, that peak is more of Mount Takao proportions compared to the usua...
20-07-2022 21:58

Bulk Buying in Japan: Best Online and Offline Options

Bulk buying means different things to different people. For some, it’s about better value on essentials. For others, it means cutting down on time a...
19-07-2022 21:49

The Complete Guide to Japan’s Regional Rail Passes

The famous Japan Rail Pass — which gives you unlimted travel on JR trains around the country — is actually just one of MANY rail passes. There are...
18-07-2022 21:48

JR Passes for Foreign Residents

Only tourists are able to purchase the famous Japan Rail Pass, which allows travelers to flit around the country on the normally expensive Shinkansen....
11-07-2022 21:48

Best Affordable Tokyo Sushi Restaurants

When it comes to the consumption of raw fish, you’re spoiled for choice in Tokyo — at all price points. There are plenty of cheap places where you...
05-07-2022 21:53

July 2022: 6 Tokyo Events Not to Miss

July usually marks the start of festival season, but in the cautious world of Japan in 2022, most big events (including the majority of fireworks fest...
29-06-2022 21:46

Lose Your Way at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum is currently open, with some COVID-19 restrictions in place. All visitors aged three and over are required to wear face masks regard...
29-06-2022 21:46

A Guide to Taxes for English Teachers in Japan

Taxes and Takoyaki, two things you’re just not going to be able to avoid while you’re in Japan. While we’ve already discussed in depth the calcu...
21-06-2022 21:47

Tokyo Events This Week: Markets, Exhibitions, Flowers and Fi

This week in Tokyo, the temperatures are set to soar and the rain to pour. Luckily, the events line up for this week is 100% weatherproof! Dog Stories...
19-06-2022 21:52

Japan’s Most Affordable and Healthy Foods

Healthy eating isn’t exactly known for being healthy for the bank account. Especially not in Tokyo, where it’s often cheaper to eat out at restaur...
17-06-2022 21:50

Get Ready for Studio Ghibli?s First-Ever Theme Park

The world’s first Ghibli theme park is set to open near Nagoya on November 1st, 2022. And yes, we’re just as excited as you are! In harmony with A...
14-06-2022 21:48

Tokyo Events This Week: Taiwan Festival, Flowers, and High A

Tokyo events for Mon, June 13 to Sun, June 19, 2022 This week enjoy the in-the-flesh return of the Taiwan Festival, seasonal flower festivals and the ...
13-06-2022 21:52

The International Student’s Survival Guide to Tokyo

For many, visiting a city for a short period of time just isn’t enough. Studying abroad gives you an entire year to immerse yourself in the local li...
08-06-2022 21:47

Toyosu Fish Market: Everything to Know Before You Go

Toyosu Market is open for sightseeing and the famous morning tuna auction is currently open to the public again. Applications (in Japanese) to see the...
03-06-2022 21:48

Top Things to Do in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is definitely one of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods. It’s one of those areas that’s good for just about everything — sightseeing,...
02-06-2022 21:48

Tokyo Restaurants for Groups with Diverse Diets

If you’ve looked at your food options as a vegetarian or vegan in Japan, you’ve probably noticed the recent shift towards specialty restaurants ca...
30-05-2022 21:48

Where to Find The Authentic Taste of India in Tokyo

A country which boasts over 1 billion residents is bound to have a monumental impact on the global culinary culture⁠—and India has done just that....
27-05-2022 21:46

25 Ideas For Great Japanese Souvenirs

So you’re in Japan, doing all the awesome things and living life like it’s an anime. But your friends/family/pets/potplants want a piece of the ac...
25-05-2022 21:49

6 Fun and Frightening Alternatives to Tokyo Disneyland and D

If Disney isn’t your dream but you love a good theme park then Tokyo won’t disappoint—choose from Hello Kitty boat rides to record-breaking roll...
25-05-2022 21:49

Getting from Narita to Asakusa

Asakusa is one of Tokyo’s older districts. It’s characterized by narrow alleyways packed with noodle shops, shopping streets, and a grand temple...
23-05-2022 22:07

How to get a Part-time Job for Students in Japan

Being a student is tough. While the cup ramen may be better in Japan, money worries are international. (Plus, don’t you want to try the real stuff")...
18-05-2022 21:47

15 Real-Life Locations from the TV Series Tokyo VIce

Tokyo Vice—the TV series inspired by the Jake Adelstein book—was shot in Tokyo over 2020/21. Set in 1999, the series uses locations that are evoca...
12-05-2022 21:45

A Guide to Cafe Hopping in Harajuku

As one of the liveliest areas in all of Tokyo, Harajuku is everything you expect it to be and more. It’s a vibrant hub of youth and kawaii (cute) cu...
10-05-2022 21:52

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Top 3 Gyudon Restaurants in Japan

Top 3 Gyudon Restaurants in Japan

??Gyudon is typical Japanese fast food and consists of a bowl of rice topped with beef cooked in a sweet sauce of spring onions, soy sauce and mirin.Three large chain stores: Yoshinoya, Matsuya and Sukiya head the list of the top three gyudon... -
February 2023: Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

February 2023: Events Not to Miss in Tokyo

In the blink of an eye, the first month of the year is over. We hope that 2023 has been good to you Cheapos so far, and if you made a New Year’s resolution to go out and explore the city, here’s your handy guide to Tokyo’s events in... -
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Aka Shiso Juice (Red Perilla Juice) ???????

With a beautiful, rose color and a refreshing taste, Aka Shiso Juice (Red Perilla Juice) is a popular homemade summer drink in Japan made of red perilla leaves. It brings out your appetite on hot days and helps recovery from exhaustion, digestion,... -
Where to See Plum Blossoms in Tokyo: 2023 Edition

Where to See Plum Blossoms in Tokyo: 2023 Edi...

Cherry blossoms tend to steal the spotlight in Japan, but there’s another flower that’s also bright pink and breathtaking: the plum blossom. Blooming in mid-February, plum blossoms in Tokyo signal the start of spring. Something we can all get... -

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