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Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district

Japan Travel News
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Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district

Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district

Surrounding Tokyo?s Harajuku Station is an area known as Harajuku. It has been called ?the center of Japan?s most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles?, and as such draws a youthful crowd from across Japan and around the world. The most prominent area of this Harajuku style is Takeshita Dori, or Takeshita Street, along with its side roads, all of which are lined with shops, restaurants, and food stands.Harajuku is not only a land of youthful fantasy, however. It is also home to historic sites and shopping venues catering to adults. If you plan on visiting this district of Tokyo, allow the following travel guide to show you the ways in which Harajuku has something to offer for any age group.Discover all that there is to do in and around Harajuku, from fashion to unique animal encounters. Using your Japan Rail Pass makes travel to this area of Tokyo easy and affordable.The Kawaii DistrictThe Japanese term kawaii can be translated as ?cute,? ?lovable,? or ?adorable.? From Hello Kitty to Lolita fashion with its pastel colors, ribbons, and bows, kawaii fashion is just one aspect of Harajuku style. One kawaii mecca is LaForet Harajuku, a seven-floor shopping complex home to over 100 trendy shops and a museum. LaForet is designed to appeal most to girls and young female adults.Harajuku StyleFor decades, Harajuku has been the epicenter of unorthodox clothing styles. Beginning with Kawaii in the 1970s, Harajuku?s styles have grown to include gothic elements, big-name brands l...
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Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district Harajuku: Tokyo’s fashion district


Fuente de la noticia: Japan Rail Pass Blog
Fecha de publicación: 05-10-2018 21:20
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The Hokuriku Shinkansen line to Kanazawa

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The JR Yokosuka Line

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8 Fried Rice Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals

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Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & GABA

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Is Japan a Good Destination for Family Travel"

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