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The Complete Guide to Love Hotels in Osaka?Rest and Stay in

Osaka is often the butt of jokes for being in the Kinki area of Japan, humorously lost in translation but meaning ‘near the capital’, the former c...
09-07-2022 21:49

All You Need to Know about JR Ky?sh? Regional Rail Passes

JR Kyūshū passes cover rail travel in — you guessed it — Kyūshū. If you’re keen to explore this fascinating, onsen-y island, these rail pass...
08-07-2022 21:48

Yagy? Village, Nara?s Samurai Sword Masters, and Walking the

Yagyū Village is outside the main tourist map of Nara, but the name lives in legend. Although ‘Yagyū’ may be more familiar to kendō practitione...
06-07-2022 21:54

A Detailed Guide to the JR Shikoku Pass

Shikoku may be the smallest and least visited of Japan’s four main islands, but it still has it’s very own rail pass. The JR Shikoku Pass — offi...
06-07-2022 21:54

A Guide to JR Central Regional Rail Passes

JR Central’s “tourist passes” are a little different from other Japan Rail passes. Rather than covering the whole country, like the classic JR P...
16-06-2022 21:44

The Complete Guide to JR Hokkaid? Rail Passes

The country-wide Japan Rail Pass is a well-established excellent deal. But what if your travel plans are focused on just one part of the country, like...
10-06-2022 21:54

The Complete Guide to Getting Around in Sapporo

Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, is a large city. The odds are you will need to use Sapporo’s extensive transportation system to get from one touri...
10-06-2022 21:54

The Heritage of Sado?Japan’s Golden Isle of Exile

Lost in the Sea of Japan, Sado is not the first place you might think of for an island getaway. But look a little closer, and you’ll find all the co...
03-06-2022 21:48

Narazake and a Taste of Original Japan: A Dip into Nara?s Sa

As young Japanese seek moderm indulgences and the elderly refrain consuming in large volumes, Japanese saké, or Nihonshu, is gathering greater apprec...
06-05-2022 21:47

Enjoji Nara and the Takisaka-no-Michi of the Yagyu Kaido

If you’re looking for an alternative day out in Nara, look no further than the Yagyū Kaidō. This ancient road with cobbled footpaths runs through ...
01-05-2022 21:42

The Noble Hasedera: Discovering Gems in the Nara Countryside

There’s more to Nara than the Great Buddha and a day in the park. When the crowds get too much, why not head out into the Nara countryside" About 30...
26-04-2022 21:48

A Quiet Day Out in Nara: Hidden Attractions along the Nara P

A rather long time ago, Nara was the imperial capital of Japan. While most people head off to the grand legacies of this past, we decided to take the ...
18-04-2022 21:48

The Best Ways to Travel from Osaka to Fukuoka

If you’re planning your first trip to Japan—you’re probably planning on spending most of your time in Tokyo. While there’s certainly a strong ...
10-04-2022 21:44

Min? Park Falls: A Guide to Osaka?s Best Spring Day Out

Minō Park Falls is in the foothills of north Osaka just a 30-minute train ride from Umeda Station. While it’s more crowded in autumn, spring is one...
31-03-2022 22:02

8 Cherry-Picked Sakura Viewing Spots in Osaka

As Japan’s Kitchen, there are few better places than Osaka for the perfect hanami picnic. With spring in the air, here’s a round-up of the best sp...
21-03-2022 21:43

A Bonanza of Kyoto Cherry Blossoms: Yoshiminedera, Temple of

Yoshiminedera Temple is sometimes referred to as one of Kyoto’s ‘hidden gems’. Tucked away in the restful mountains of Kyoto’s lower west side...
15-03-2022 21:43

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto: The 15 Best Sakura Spots

The only way to make one of the most beautiful places in Japan even more stunning" Here are all the best places to see the cherry blossom in Kyoto. Fo...
14-03-2022 21:46

Nachi Falls: A Day of Iconic Scenery, Sacred Landscapes, and

Japan has an abundance of natural scenic beauty. It’s also a place where nature tends towards the unpretentious. You may not be awed by the grandest...
22-02-2022 21:44

2022 Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast

Ready to be done with winter" Fantasize about warmer times to come and get ready for the 2022 hanami season with this year’s cherry blossom forecast...
11-02-2022 21:44

Discover the Authentic Charm of Gokayama

For those looking for a deep dive into the rich culture and legacy of Japan’s remote mountain towns, then Gokayama is next on your must-visit list. ...
21-01-2022 21:40

Gekiyasu Discount Supermarkets: Living it up on the Cheap in

Japan is expensive, or so they say. When considering rent, utilities, or the cost of car ownership, they have a point. However, with Japan’s competi...
20-01-2022 21:44

Japan’s Top 5 Onsen

Visiting an onsen is a highlight of any trip to Japan. Fortunately they can be found just about anywhere and everywhere, meaning you should have no tr...
14-01-2022 21:40

A Guide on Moving to the Japanese Countryside

One of the big trends since the COVID-19 pandemic crash-landed on us in 2020 has been the flood of city-slickers moving to the Japanese countryside—...
23-11-2021 21:49

Top Picks for Osaka Winter Illuminations 2021?22

Osaka has enough neon to be seen from space (nearly), but during Christmastime it’s the LEDs and projectors that steal the show. Nothing says Christ...
17-11-2021 21:42

Top Picks for Kyoto Winter Illuminations 2021?22

Kyoto makes even the most garish of things classy—the city even manages it with winter illuminations. So look no further for the fanciest festive fe...
11-11-2021 21:44

10 Great Hikes Around Japan

Japan’s numerous mountains and various climates offer great outdoor experiences. In this article, we cover a wide variety of hikes, including some o...
06-10-2021 21:41

Rishiri Island: Sea Urchins, Cycling and Volcano Hikes

Rishiri Island is one of the northernmost points in Japan, lying 20 km from the northwest shores of Hokkaido. Rishiri, along with its neighbor Rebun ...
01-10-2021 21:46

Exploring Hokkaido?s Akan-Mashu National Park

While for most international travelers Hokkaido is a destination most commonly reserved for winter, the locals and regular Japan visitors know it’s ...
01-10-2021 21:46

Huis Ten Bosch: Little Holland in Nagasaki

Can you guess where the above picture was taken" If you answered “The Netherlands,” “Holland,” or “somewhere in Europe,” sorry, but you’...
01-10-2021 21:46

Hikone Castle: One of Only Twelve

Hikone, located in Shiga Prefecture, is a castle town where you can get a taste for the architecture and atmosphere of feudal Japan. It has a long his...
01-10-2021 21:46

A Guide to the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage

The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage is Japan’s most famous—alongside the Kumano Kodo—and most unique pilgrimage routes. It’s a 1,200-kilometer-lo...
01-10-2021 21:46

Ryokan with Private Onsen in Japan

The only thing better than spending an evening soaking in a gorgeous traditional, open-air onsen (hot spring) after a long day exploring the best of J...
01-10-2021 21:46

Why Hakuba in Summer Is As Good As Hakuba in Winter

Hakuba has in recent years become synonymous with the seasonal influx of international snow chasers (predominantly Aussies) looking to tear up the cou...
01-10-2021 21:46

Tashirojima: The Cat Island of Your Dreams

Ever wanted to run away to an island filled with cats" Of course you have. It’s the only reasonable response to the current state of the world, and ...
01-10-2021 21:46

Mount Koya: A Visitor’s Guide to Japan’s Most Sa

Mount Koya, also known as Koyasan, is a key destination for anyone wanting to learn more about the history and spirituality of Buddhism in Japan. Even...
01-10-2021 21:46

Hike the Historical Nakasendo Trail from Magome to Tsumago

Explore a section of the famous Nakasendo walking trail and visit two charming towns along the way. The Nakasendo Trail (中山道 – literal transla...
01-10-2021 21:46

Osaka in Autumn: 9 Places to Enjoy the Changing Leaves

Osaka’s autumn leaves transform quiet corners of the busy city into seasonal treats, from temples to mountains and beyond. Turning a tempting blend...
01-10-2021 21:46

Where to Experience the Best Powder Snow in Japan (and Why Y

If you’re looking for recommendations on where to ski or snowboard in Japan, and want to know where to find the best powder snow, you’re in the ri...
01-10-2021 21:46

Bold and Beautiful: Exploring Tohoku?s Rugged Pacific Coast

Tohoku, the northern part of Japan’s main island Honshu, is well known for beautiful onsen, some of Japan’s best sake and traditional parades and ...
01-10-2021 21:46

A Guide to My?k?-Togakushi Renzan National Park

Created in 2015 and spanning Nagano and Niigata prefectures, Myōkō-Togakushi Renzan National Park is one of Japan’s newest national parks. It also...
01-10-2021 21:46

Exploring Unzen-Amakusa, Japan?s First National Park

Japan is an understated outdoor lover’s paradise. The nation is home to 34 spectacular national parks that cover landscapes, from Okinawa’s bright...
01-10-2021 21:46

Back to the Future: The Best Capsule Hotels in Osaka

Osaka is home to the world’s first-ever capsule hotel, which remains one of the best places to spend a night in the neon city. |credit| Jump to: W...
01-10-2021 21:46

Okinawa Resorts with Private Beaches

Okinawa has long been a popular escape for domestic tourists looking to enjoy the subtropical climate, vibrant marine life, pristine beaches, crystal ...
01-10-2021 21:46

A Guide to the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Trail

Shimanami Kaido is one of the country’s unique and increasingly popular tourist destinations for both international visitors and domestic travelers....
01-10-2021 21:46

Pretty in Pink: Riding the Hello Kitty Shinkansen

Combining two quintessentially Japanese things into one easy jaunt, the Hello Kitty bullet train is a gloriously pink way to get from A to B. |credit...
01-10-2021 21:46

The Cheapest Way to Get from KIX to Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is the gateway to the Kansai region of Japan. This large airport was built on reclaimed land in Osaka Bay and opene...
01-10-2021 21:46

Satisfy Your Need for Speed at Suzuka Circuit

For motorsport fans in Japan, the 5.8 km Suzuka Circuit is a slice of heaven that embodies the need for speed! Suzuka Circuit: The home of Japanese ra...
01-10-2021 21:46

Staying Zen: 5 Ways Japan Will Nurture Your Soul

A dose of Japan for your mind, body and soul! The post Staying Zen: 5 Ways Japan Will Nurture Your Soul appeared first on Japan Cheapo....
09-11-2020 21:50

Kanazawa’s Top Airbnb Options: Traditional Machiya and

Stay in one of Kanazawa\'s many machiya, traditional wooden houses. The post Kanazawa’s Top Airbnb Options: Traditional Machiya and Riverside Stays...
09-11-2020 21:50

Golden Girls: A Guide to Renting Kimono in Kanazawa

The best kimono rental shops in Kanazawa, plus modern and traditional areas to snap that perfect IG pic! The post Golden Girls: A Guide to Renting Kim...
09-11-2020 21:50

ONLY in JAPAN YouTube Channel Organizes Online Festivals for

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, ONLY in JAPAN YouTube creator John Daub is organising not one but two fireworks festivals, wh...
09-11-2020 21:50

Viewing Autumn Leaves in Kyoto and Beyond

A list of beautiful places for viewing beautiful Kyoto autumn leaves, plus day trip ideas to Nara, Wakayama and Shiga Prefectures. The post Viewing Au...
09-11-2020 21:50

Joining the Noboribetsu Onsen ?Naked Man? Festival [with Vid

John Daub, creator of Only in Japan, shares his cheeky take on joining the Noboribetsu Onsen ?Naked Man? Festival, which takes place annually in Hokka...
09-11-2020 21:50

Japan’s Mysterious Key-shaped Burial Mounds

Learn about kofun, ancient Japanese burial grounds, and where to see them. The post Japan’s Mysterious Key-shaped Burial Mounds appeared first on J...
09-11-2020 21:50

Top Hotels, Hostels and Ryokan in Kanazawa

Onsen, movie projectors, fancy chai lattes ? these accommodation options have it all! The post Top Hotels, Hostels and Ryokan in Kanazawa appeared fi...
09-11-2020 21:50

Hiking the Yatsugatake Mountain Range for Panoramic Views

For spectacular views of the Japanese Alps and Mt. Fuji, venture up the Yatsugatake mountain range. The post Hiking the Yatsugatake Mountain Range fo...
09-11-2020 21:50

World’s First Godzilla Theme Park Opens on Awaji Islan

Get up close and personal at this museum dedicated to everyone\'s favorite disaster movie lizard. The post World’s First Godzilla Theme Park Opens ...
09-11-2020 21:50

Ready, Set, Go-Kart: How to Mario Kart in Osaka

Once again, you can race (safely) through the streets of Osaka. The post Ready, Set, Go-Kart: How to Mario Kart in Osaka appeared first on Japan Cheap...
09-11-2020 21:50

Old Tokaido Road: Hiking from Tokyo to Kyoto

Walk in the footsteps of Edo-era samurai. The post Old Tokaido Road: Hiking from Tokyo to Kyoto appeared first on Japan Cheapo....
09-11-2020 21:50

A Mini Guide to Nagano’s Yatsugatake Area

Hike the eight-peak mountain range, take a gondola ride for scenic views, or check out some contemporary art. The post A Mini Guide to Nagano’s Yat...
09-11-2020 21:50

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Mapo Eggplant (Mabo Nasu) ????

Mapo Eggplant (Mabo Nasu) ????

Slightly spicy and incredibly flavorful, Mapo Eggplant (Mabo Nasu) is an adaptation of Chinese food that\'s popular in Japan. Vegan adaptable! READ: Mapo Eggplant (Mabo Nasu) ???? -
Quick Guide to SIM Cards in Japan: Short and Long-Term Options

Quick Guide to SIM Cards in Japan: Short and ...

Heading East, and wondering what your Japanese SIM card options are" There area range of prepaid and contract SIMs to choose from, but figuring out which one(s) will work best for you can be tricky?especially since much of the infois in Japanese.... -
Best scenic rides and train views in Japan

Best scenic rides and train views in Japan

All over the world, scenic rail tours have been revived as an alternative to traditional sightseeing. Japan is no exception. A special term has even been coined in the Japanese language to describe those who are pleasantly obsessed with rail travel... -
Tokyo Events This Week: Chinese New Year & Plum Blossoms

Tokyo Events This Week: Chinese New Year ...

Never miss a freebie! Sign up for our weekly events newsletter. Tokyo events for Monday, February 4 to Sunday, February 10, 2019 This week sees the start of Chinese New Year festivities and plum blossom season, plus Valentine’s celebrations in... -
Sensoji: The Ins and Outs of Tokyo?s Oldest Temple

Sensoji: The Ins and Outs of Tokyo?s Oldest T...

Everybody knows Tokyo doesn?t really have landmarks (think quick: what is Tokyo?s Statue of Liberty, Big Ben or Eiffel Tower?there isn?t one, right"). If it did, though, it would have to be Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, a 15-minute train ride from... -
Grand Slam Gay Bar in Osaka - The Name Says It All!

Grand Slam Gay Bar in Osaka - The Name Says I...

????????Just a few minutes? walk from Osaka\'s Umeda district, one of the entertainment and shopping beating hearts of Osaka, leads you to the Doyama district. Packed with gay bars, clubs, and other venues galore, there?s something for every... -
Zojirushi Electric Skillet Hot Pot Giveaway (US & Canada Only)

Zojirushi Electric Skillet Hot Pot Giveaway (...

Win a Zojirushi Gourmet d?Expert Electric Skillet for your hot pot or indoor grilling this holiday! READ: Zojirushi Electric Skillet Hot Pot Giveaway (US & Canada Only) -
January 2019: Top Cheapo Events Around Japan

January 2019: Top Cheapo Events Around Japan

Although it’s a quieter month than most on the festival front, there are still plenty of fiery festivals and New Year celebrations to choose from across the country! Thanks to their love affair with LEDs, you can find plenty of long-running... -
Japan News This Week 17 August 2017

Japan News This Week 17 August 2017

?????Japan\'s Richest Village Can\'t Find Workers for Its FactoryBloombergNever too old to code: Meet 82-yr-old developerThe Japan NewsKoike says no to eulogy for Koreans killed in 1923 quakeJapan Times74% of Japanese happy with their lives:... -

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